CORSICA : "Trà mare è monti" is an ode to Corsica, its beauty, its authenticity. 100 pages of unpublished photographs.


The project

CORSICA: "Trà mare è monti" is a project that grew within me for quite a long time..

My passion is my land, my island. For 10 years now that I'm making photos, I have photographed from every angle, from every angle, and I try every time to share it with many, through social networks, but also through a festival that we put in place, my association with Image in Corsica, Corte. A true festival of amateur photo, highlighting artists, but also Corsica and the city of Corte.


In addition, I had the opportunity to collaborate with magazines, internet portals and travel guides.  These small works I liked very much, but I lack a personal work, an additional motivation, a goal.

C'est pourquoi, j'ai décidé de me lancer dans ce projet personnel en auto-édition.


Only problem, the cost of production, which is why I ask you a couple of Photography, which I hope will be curious to discover the beauty of Corsica.    I suggest you travel between sea and mountains, from north to south in the morning or evening, in winter and summer. A journey through the seasons.



Why fund it?



I will use this collection as a web-application with some rewards for those who adhere to my project ....  We assume 500 copies of a book of 104 pages, high quality, with hundreds of photographs and texts. My printer calls me 8400EUR for the print job and model, and KissKissBankBank about 680EUR is a job that comes over 9000EUR.  I decided to collect the sum of 7000EUR, the rest remaining in my care.  Your contribution is crucial in this project, I rely on you.


We will operate this web collection as a web subscription, in the sense that you will buy your book in advance and you will have small gifts based on the number of books you take.    I count on your support for this project to see the day.




If we fail to target each gets his "balls".  If we go beyond the money raised will therefore finance the book, but also to prepare an exhibition.




It is difficult for me to say what inspires me, what I like … in fact, I think everything inspires me, I like everything . Corsica is obviously for me an inexhaustible source of inspiration and invaluable, and every day that passes, I still can not measure how lucky I am to be born on this earth. My work is quite simple, I'm just trying to... See more

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Bravo, on a hâte de le recevoir. Continuez
Mes encouragements au plus grand photographe de Corse !!!!
De sincères encouragements pour ce fabuleux projet! Bisous des anciens voisins d'en face!