Ná yì bó wă – Help 2 help – A musical venture…


The project

These two tracks are born from a desire of playing music again with my family. I wrote the lyrics on my cousin Alioune Agbo’s music, former guitarist of Miriam Makeba; we played on stage together in Abidjan… in the Eighties. Luc Montanary, also my cousin, played a clever and delicate bass. Dona Myrette, another cousin, and Julie Pierquet, my daughter, put their soft, sensitive and warm voices on the backing vocals.


The first song is in French. “Ná yì bó wă”, in fon (language from Benin, West Africa), means: “I leave, I’ll come back”. Backing vocal respond in an echo “Ná yì bó wă” and “Bó yì bó wă”, meaning “Go and return”.


The second, “Forgiveness”, is in English. In my quest for forgiveness, I have reached this conclusion: “Love is forgiveness”, and I have put it into words.


Recording was made at home and Alioune Agbo with his expert’s ear did wonders! Raoul Agbo, guitarist, singer and… of course cousin, realized the mastering.


A family venture, which I’m in a hurry to have discovered by as many people as possible, and promote among professionals to whom, obviously, I must send this beautiful project (sample CD) for free!


Desing is ready :




Why fund it?

Dear Friends, dear unknown Friends,


This sum is necessary in order to complement the financing of my first CD whose launch is scheduled in November 2014.

Why two tracks only? Because a smaller recording is most appropriate for the professionals prospecting.


Recording, mixe, mastering and design are already made.

The 600 € will be used for:

– payment of mechanical reproduction rights (SACEM-SDRM) (220€);

– CD pressing of 500 units in carton sleeves (540€).


If your generosity goes beyond, the money collected on top of this sum, it will finance a first clip and possibly allow the recording of other songs!


I trust you to make this project known and to spread the word around you.


Very big THANKS for YOUR support!




Coming soon…

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