CRAZY HOP : Meet dancing , learning , exchanging , trying to discover .


The project

Crazy hop


The "Crazy Hop " project is the continuation of the project "hip hop and Migration " held in April 2015 . It is young people who wanted to continue the project. The tool of expression is dance. The aim is to enable young people to express themselves through dance on a subject that affects them. The " hip hop and migration " allowed them to express themselves on the theme of migration by implementing 5 flashmob . During the exchange in Tunisia to be held in July 2016, the youth would like to do a show on the theme of "terrorism ideas. " As we said above, this idea comes from the young and is related to the current climate. . " Terrorism ideas " is to ask how terrorism can be born , how an idea can it lead to terrorism ? the main objective is to enable them to speak on a subject of society other than through speech. Behind this main objective , there are several sub-objectives



  The objectives of this project are: - Awareness of the importance the influence of culture on behavior and the identity of the person; - To recognize and be sensitive to different cultures and what they can do ; - Reflect on the importance , opportunities and challenges of cultural diversity in the organization of international youth projects and other youth projects involving various minorities . -Help Youth emancipation . There are different activities planned during the exchange. At the beginning of it there are activities that allow young people to meet and know the new participants. These activities are the little games that allow young people to interact with each other . There will also be a game for the establishment of rules of conduct during the exchange.    




  Then, to broach the subject of society "terrorism ideas" we will go through workshops that allow you to reflect and share on the subject. We will then have a debate on the subject that will collect everyone's opinions. This debate and the sharing as a basis for young people to set up their show. The youth will be based on the debate to decide the things they keep and wish to express (and how) and what they prefer not to express outward. Then, workshops in small groups will fall into place to begin thinking about the show. Each group will work on a subtopic and pooled will be held each evening to ensure the smooth progress. Meanwhile, the communication group will work in parallel on developing the facebook page. They take pictures, videos, write short articles and put them online to keep updated the page and promote it.




Last year, 32 young people ( 17 to 30 ) (and 4 chaperones) from 4 different countries (Tunisia , Turkey, Hungary and Belgium ) met for 15 days on the theme of migration . To comment on this topical theme we decided to use a means of physical expression : the hip-hop dance.



We are young Belgian participants in the project and we would like to present our project and explain why we would again meet and exchange around a topical theme using dance.




  Last year , the project , which took place during two weeks in Alanya in Turkey and resulted in the establishment of a flashmob that took place in five different cities. Flashmob video Alanya During this meeting we were able to get to know , discover new things but also to discover oneself . Some of us had never travel . This was a great discovery . We had also organized intercultural evenings to learn about the culture , food and habits of others.






Through this meeting we were able to discuss a partnership theme ( Migration) , chat with people of culture, nationality and different horizons and achieve a common challenge : the establishment of a flashmob . Along with dance, some young people have invested in the facebook page and they fed , they are also the ones who made the final cut of the video of the flashmob . https: // whttps : //





We could see that this sensitive issue of migration were perceived differently according to our experience, our history but we have reports that we were almost all migrants and in any case up in our grandparents, they had been .



We could also address the linguistic difference in addressing the word . In our French have the word migration , the word immigration, emigration word which is not the case in Hungarian or Turkish or only the migration word exists .



We used English as a common spoken language and had to exceed our priori and fear to feel ridiculous in a language we did not know well . Some of us had a little trouble with the dance , so we discussed between us so that everyone can find his place. We made sure to use the talents of everyone, that is how the artist of the group, took the initiative to paint the logos associations .




At the end of this journey that took place there a year now ( 4 to 19 April 2015 ) we decided to try again experience another place , with others , with a different theme. we decided to treat a theme oh so topical, and oh so delicate " terrorism ideas ." This meeting is to be held in Djerba ( Tunisia) from 1 to 15 July . We will be young Belgium, Tunisia, Turkey and Serbia.


We chose this theme because we are affected by what happens in today's time in our company and we would like to understand how ideas, simple ideas can lead to terrorism and tragedies.




At the end of this journey that took place there a year now ( 4 to 19 April 2015 ) we decided to try again experience another place , with others , with a different theme. we decided to treat a theme oh so topical, and oh so delicate " terrorism ideas ." This meeting is to be held in Djerba ( Tunisia) from 1 to 15 July . We will be young from Belgium, Tunisia, Turkey and Serbia.We chose this theme because we are affected by what happens in today's time in our company and we would like to understand how ideas, simple ideas can lead to terrorism and tragedies.





For those who would raise the question : but why thus not in Belgium? We tried it two years ago but none of the young Tunisians had obtained their visas, hence the idea to relocate the project. For Those Who Would raise the question: but why THUS not in Belgium ? We tried it two years ago profit none of the young Tunisians HAD Their therefor obtained visas, hence the idea to relocate the project .




Who are the associations that represent this project?


  For Belgium the ASBL "Confédération Parascolaire" which supports the project .   The Confederation Fantasy is a youth organization recognized by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles . It now has more than 40 years . It provides entertainment for young people aged 6 to 30, and also provides training for youth workers in Brussels and Wallonia. To carry out its activities, it relies on a multidisciplinary team of ten experienced people. His goal is to get young people through fun activities, to experience democracy and gain confidence in their ability to become active and responsible citizens. The vision of the association: Give young people to participate, to understand and take on social issues débatant , defining new contours , organization, and commitment in social initiatives , political and cultural .


  For Turkey, the partner is: Keçecider. Keçecider is a non-governmental non-profit organization founded in 2006 to provide a wide range of activities in the fields of arts, sports and free time. Keçecider has 100 members who have different jobs and groups (young teachers, engineers, doctors). Members work as volunteers for the association. In general, we coordinate many EU youth projects such as youth mobility K1 K1 youth worker mobility. Moreover, educational activities (educational projects in schools and outside school. We have a non-formal educational method focused on active citizenship, cultural events (conferences, seminars, Cineforum, concerts, exhibitions Art). for us, work is work daily with young people. Our organization aims to attract as much as possible young people with fewer opportunities and young people who are excluded from society (rural youth , unmotivated young non-active, young people who have difficulties in school, do not have a job, young people who are rejected by the education system) and give all opportunities to develop skills for become active, social, creative, entrepreneur, successful youth in society.


  In Serbia, the partner association is Sfera. Sfera is an NGO Srbija Novi Sad, Serbia, which is the branch of international NGO network. It was created at the initiative of the youth of Macedonia. The overall objective of SFERA SERBIA educate the population in Serbia about the protection of the environment, cultural and natural heritage, in order to educate all age groups about the importance of healthy lifestyle . These are regular activities of the organization. These main goals and objectives: protection of the environment, natural and cultural heritage; Promoting sustainable development and use of alternative energy sources; Promote healthy lifestyle - sport, healthy diet; Developing professional and leadership skills among young people; Youth education in the field of crisis management (floods, earthquakes, fires, erosion and other natural disasters); Promoting non-formal education and to encourage the creation of systems to support young local, national and international; Promote youth activism and active citizenship of young people and inform young people about all the opportunities they have; Awareness of equality, tolerance, democracy and the establishment of human rights youth; Support and facilitate the process of Europeanization of the country. We focus on our work to achieve all these objectives at the national level but also internationally. We first started with the Youth in Action program because we found some issues of joint projects such as the environment and sport, art and culture, national heritage, health, etc. Now we are working and we are more involved in the Erasmus + program because we think it is a means to achieve our objectives internationally, and we believe we will have a greater impact on our community through these projects.    


  The Tunisian partner Beit el khibra. It is a development born after the Tunisian revolution and wants to bring together people of diverse backgrounds and experiences. These people work together to contribute to the regional development effort in all areas: economic, scientific, cultural and social. Beit el khebra wants a network of reflection and open and non-partisan action. In this network, competence, altruism, professionalism is the line of conduct of its members and adherents. The association has a vision and a different approach. She intends to push the region and promote free and independent thought from bias, political and economic. It is an open platform working and collaboration of civil society .. Beit el khebra plays an important role in the cultural aspect of the city of Sfax, through these projects in collaboration with artists and also his belief that culture and art are able to change things especially after the revolution.

Why fund it?



This money will cover some of the participants of the transport costs. Indeed, transportation costs are high. The project is supported by the ASBL Extracurricular Confederation ( and the International Bureau for Youth but this does still not cover all costs. We are ready to pay a contribution each but we would like to make it as fair as possible. Without your help, some young people should give up participating. A plane ticket between Djerba and Belgium for the period from July 1 to 15 amounts to 430 € per person. We need therefore need 430 * 12 = € 5,160 participants, we have obtained from the BIJ $ 170 € per person. So we have to find € 3,120. A ticket between Serbia and Djerba for the same period amounted to € 350 per person. So we need 350 * 12 persons = € 4200, we have obtained from the BIJ an amount of € 170 per person, so we have to find € 2,160. A ticket between Turkey (Samsun) and Djerba for this period amounts to € 500 per person. So we need 500 * 12 persons = € 6000, we have obtained from the BIJ an amount of € 270 per person, so we have to find € 2,760. Tunisians must make the trip from Sfax to Djerba, this movement will be by bus, the agreed budget is € 20 per person. Which is enough to cover their costs. So we need to realize our project to find 3120 + 2160 + 2760 = 8040 €. Our goal is to get half that amount from you and complete the rest on our own




The "Confédération Parascolaire" ASBL vision is to contribute to a more just society in which young people have the means to understand the underlying issues of democracy, namely the free inquiry, free speech, equal rights and the meaning of the collective well-being. It also has the vision to enable young people to be recognized as individuals with... See more