You want a dish, an ingredient or wine? Dailymenu you find restaurants around you that offer.


The project

Dailymenu is a search engine menu of the day which is the restaurant based on your greedy desire.




Where to go to enjoy a dish of the day based on Norwegian salmon or a salad to eat on the go. How to ensure that the pizza truck that in your town tonight where you have ten guests surprise you? Where can I find a restaurant that makes karaoke or retransmits a game tonight?       Modern, dynamic and evolving, the search engine is fun, both for those seeking the information for restaurants.





Choose your institution. Reserve your table and pre-order your menu directly online by choosing your input, your TV, your dessert and even your wine. All this is possible with Dailymenu.       TV talking about it. Laura webcast of November 26, 2013.



Dailymenu undertakes and participates in many events











Why fund it?

Overall improvement of the website: € 10,000      - Search Engine      - The module pre-order      - Part managing conservators       - Make known the site around you and offer restaurateurs to register for free.   To date, 150 restaurants use for Dailymenu be referenced and increasingly intensive use our search engine since inception.   Come take a ride on the site:
Jerome DM

Né en 1982 dans la région Centre, j'ai suivi des études de publicité àParis à l'école Corvisart. Diplômé d'une maîtrise graphique en 2002, je me suis désormais installé à La Rochelle. Suite à 10 ans d'expériences en agence de publicité, j'’ai créé Dailymenu en juillet 2012. Un projet qui rencontre aujourd'hui un beau succès dans la région sud Ouest et...