Help to fund the 1st jazz album (CD/DVD) of DAMIEN SCHMITT >>> DAM'NCO


The project







What is Dam'nco?


    Dam’nco is a musical project which particularly means a lot to me because for the first time of my career I founded my own group of modern jazz.


I had the opportunity to learn about the diverse musical influences, by accompanying the biggest

(Jean-Luc Ponty, Alain Caron, Frank Gambale, Bireli Lagrene, Sixun, Cheb Khaled)



For a long time it which drives me in the music, it is the communication. This universal language that is the music allows us to share beyond the languages, on one hand with the public and on the other hand with the musicians. I never limited myself in a single musical style, it is probably what what enriched my playing over the years.







Dam'nco is a synthesis of all my musical influences. For this project I chose to surround myself with big artists:


                              - Michel Alibo (Bass)

                              - Yann Négrit (Guitar)

                              - Michael Lecoq (Keyboards)

                              - Fred Dupont (Keyboards / Talk box)

                              - Stephane Édouard (Percussions)




                                                       Michel Alibo (Bass)






                                                   Yann Négrit (Guitar)






                                        Michael Lecoq (Keyboards)






                           Fred Dupont (Keyboards / Talk box)






                                 Stephane Édouard (Percussions)





From Paris with Love


The first album of  dam'nco will be entitled 'From Paris with love'.


During the last 10 years, I played in more than 50 countries. In the contact of people of any horizons, I was often able to notice that the French culture enjoys a particular aura worldwide.


This little something that you like calling French Touch.


The dam'nco project has for ambition to make this identity shining around the globe.








The album 'From Paris with love', will be out at the beginning of 2016.


The recording will be a particular moment and the opportunity for a couples of you to see the first step of the project dam'nco.


Indeed, the recording of the album will be in public - (35 people on evening - 3 evenings at the studio Parc 92 - Villeneuve la Garenne))


The public present during the recording as well as all the musicians will see putting back(handing) an audio headset. There will be no system of distribution(broadcasting) by high speaker.


Better still, the sessions will be filmed. The end product will be a CD / DVD.


The video being integral part of this project, there will be never audio recording without video recording. The used techniques and the intentions of shots will be also modern as the jazz of the project dam'nco



Damien Schmitt plays:






Why fund it?

Today the music industry profoundly changed.


Albums are not any more sold and the streaming does not relate enough to hope to finance the recording of an album.


Kiss kiss bank bank is our hope!! You're lucky enough to have the opportunity to give life to dam'nco.


By giving life to the project, you will participate in it actively.

Some of you can come to the recording, others will have concert tickets or one of my special Meinl cymbals signature dam'nco which I'll play during the shooting or even my kit Mapex!! But especially you will have all the music with you under the size(format) which you will have chosen!!


It is more that an album / DVD, it is a sharing, a human and musical sharing.



The real budget needed to realize this project is the following:



AUDIO RECORDING + MIX : 8 000,00 €


MASTERING : 1000,00 €

DECOR : 900,00 €





TOTAL : 20 000€






Making this album is an ambitious bet because of his CD/DVD form, therefore it’s an expensive project.


The funding goal have been fixed to 12 000€ because with that amount we can start doing something, such for video and audio.


There is no doubt, the result will be great, but to make an amazing and exceptional album

we need in fact 20 000€.


In the case only 12 000€ are reached we’ll make this CD/DVD by our own way with a lot of ingenuity to offset the lack of material and staff we really need.


In the case we exceed the 12 000€ goal, the shooting and the recording of the album would be done in more professionals conditions. More cameraman would be hired to use additional cameras, we could make a great décor to receive the band and the guests, more time would be allowed for the mixing process and the video editing. A specialized press secretary would be hired to promote the album when it comes out.


With this project you have the possibility of participating in the birth of the group Dam'nco. It is thanks to you dear KissKissBankers that the group Dam'nco can take off and realize a magnificent album. Your support is essential, we count on you !! 






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Damien Schmitt is a complete artist with incredible technique and stunning musicality. Born in a family of musicians, Damien first learned playing the drums with his father (Daniel Schmitt). From the age of 4, he practiced as a musician directly on stage. His mother being a piano teacher and singer in the family band, he took an early interest in... See more

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