"Damascus, where hope is all that is left" : A different glance on the Syrian conflict.


The project

Talking about war is also going beyond the sound of gunfire, beyond the maelstrom of madness and beyond the gruesome number of anonymous casualties. I want to give voice to all those victims we don’t hear enough about, to those who go on with their lives and keep this country alive, to this society that is exhausted by this endless war but desperately tries to preserve glimmers of hope.   


In this country where history is everywhere and where history is made every day, I will tell you stories about people’s daily lives. Different themes such as education, religion, youth, local associative sector, cultural sector and women’s status will help me  build a critical glance on the reality of war.


I will try to reduce the distance created by mainstream media to understand the tragedy the Syrian people face every day.   With my weapons: a pen and images, I want to shed light on the courage of all those who face this reality that seems so dark. No, they won’t be forgotten by the short memory of history.  



Follow my journey back to the millennial capital devastated by war. Follow me getting out there and discovering people doomed to hope for a better tomorrow. Follow me … I will take you on the road to Damascus.    




We reached the first step in 4 days, thanks for your great great great support!!!! :)


But please continue to donate as I still need funds for the post-production! And if we are able to raise even more money, every single Euro will go to a local association for Internally displaced persons!



Why fund it?

The shooting will take place over a period of 2 weeks in Syria.


This fundraising will cover most important aspects of audiovisual material.


I've already collected the minimum amount (thanks to amazing kissbankers!!!) but please continue to donate as I still need funds for the post-production costs. 


If we are able to raise even more money, every single € will go to a local association for IDPs (Internally displaced persons)  


!! شكرا جزيل




Myrna Nabhan

Myrna Nabhan is a political scientist who lived in Damas and Bruxelles. She is an Huffington Blogger and the author of "Le jasmin damascène ne cessera jamais de fleurir" (La Libre Belgique) and "En attendant le printemps" (Le Vif/L'Express)

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Bonsoir, Pour que l'espoir ne faiblit pas...l'histoire qu'on peut encore raconter, est surement au tournant dans les mois qui vont suivre.. S.
Un petit don pour ton bon projet. Bon courage Myrna !
Wonderful project Myrna, i wish you the best :)