* SO Graceful smiles * is a film sequence shot that mixes scenes played, sung & danced.


The project

* So graceful smiles * is the sequence shot of a filmed performance.










This is a series of scenes that are always in the same space but a space whose decor are changing constantly. There are a clumsy actress with authoritarian director, docile technicians, a trio of psychoanalysts who takes pleasure in telling stories that end badly, opera singers accompanied by a children's choir, a lecturer and her seductive assistant who will become an outstanding dancer.   All these stories are intertwined and have in common to discuss by different narrative ambiguity and multiple meanings of the smile. The smile distinguishes man from animals. Its implementation requires a number of muscles. Muscles to mean anything and everything. The empathetic smile, the seductive smile, the victorious smile, the mocking smile, the sadistic smile .... a smile as an weapon but also as a wound in the middle of the face.





                                                   THE STAGE





The viewer knows very quickly that he is to attend the capture of a real-time performance. Nothing is hidden. On the contrary.   There will be no film editing therefore it is a sequence shot. Space is always the same. However, it is constantly modulated by the appearance and disappearance of decorations. Depending on where the walls are placed (at the start very close to very far at the end), the dimensions of the scene change significantly. When the setting is very close to the camera, it is a close-up, when it is in the background, this is a long shot. At the last stage, the stage is completely removed and then appears the true place of filming (the only one which is not artificial). This is a big empty place with a hieratic and authoritarian architecture which contrasts with the artificiality of the sets. In a way, the stripping of a decoration to her nakedness.   This ultimately concludes the film evokes the idea that behind attractive smiles hide dark foundations.   Below is a diagram illustrating the shooting set.














A trio of singers accompanied by a choir will be appearing in the final scene.   The singers are already choosen. Below some videos of them.   These are:


- Lorraine Ouvrieu (from the fifth minut)



- Fanny Chatelain



- Sylvain Rebut-Minotti







                                          TECHNICAL TEAM





Director assistant : Anaïs Duquenoy


DOP : Guillaume Brault (ci-dessous son showreel)


Sound engineer : Jérôme Petit  








                                     SOURCES OF INSPIRATION










Why fund it?



                                      DONATIONS WILL BE FOR





- Sets

- Costums

- feed the team

- Train tickets

- Movie calibration

- Sound mixing

Gabriel Desplanque

My name is Gabriel Desplanque. You can see my work on : www.gabrieldesplanque.com I'm making photography, drawing and movies. Sometimes, I also write. In 2014, I wrotte a performance for four singers. This show was called Maison Suzanne. Yo can see an extract in the teaser movie.

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