Unravel the truth from the false, counteract the Goa’uld and the armies of Anubis, help Diana and Dr Fate save Themyscira


The project

The texts presented in the exhibition will be in French and Dutch. An English version will be available upon demand. We bring to your attention that ALL activities will be held in French.



From the 21st of May until the 20th of November 2016, the royal Museum of Mariemont (Morlanwelz, Belgium) will present an exhibition entitled From Stargate™ to Comics. The Egyptian Gods in the geek culture.



Now don’t panic if you are not a Geek, this event will also be for you. As it’s one of our roles as a Museum; all references will be explained and put into context.  







 From Egypt to the big screen! An explosive association


Although many exhibitions have examined the reasons for the fascination ancient Egypt exerts on  mankind today, rare are the ones that have considered the Geek world. And  yet, in these last forty years, Egyptian gods and Science-Fiction have regularly been associated. The most known and most exploited franchise is and remains Stargate





When in 1928, on the Giza Plateau, an archeologist exhumed an enormous ring composed of an unknown metal, little did he know that he had just found the Stargate: a device enabling travel across the galaxy. In the different inhabited worlds that they discover, the explorers of the Earth meet hostile alien races that pass themselves off as gods : the Goa’ulds. During their adventures, the explorers will come to fight the great figures of the Egyptian pantheon, represented by Re, Apep, Hathor, Heru’ur (Horus), Seth…, but also other divinities from civilizations of the antique world. The scriptwriters, advised by specialized art historians and archeologists and with the amazing work provided by the costume makers, sublimated the survival of an ancient world by adapting it to our time.    






In the exhibition you will be able to admire some of the most sumptuous costumes worn by the gods -the Goa’ulds- and the warriors -the Jaffas. Objects and original artworks from the movie Stargate will also be exceptionally unveiled. This will constitute an ensemble of almost fifty remarkable pieces which will be placed in dialogue with the myths and the Egyptian gods. These concrete and visual associations will help us distinguish the adaptations brought by fiction.   






From the Mummy to Immortel through Dr. Who


Other cinematographic productions have also considered the Egyptian gods. Immortel ad Vitam, The Return of the Mummy or the highly anticipated X-Men : Apocalypse are but some examples. These different movies will be called to mind in the exhibition through comics and posters.







Dr. Who’s universe doesn’t escape the Egyptian gods either : the Osirians, the Anubians and even Styx the Sontaran… are breeds met by the “Time Lord” and listed in the origins of Egyptian myths and civilization. Different comics in the exhibition will be your guide to dive into this fabulous world. Do not mistake yourselves; the Tardis is bigger from the inside than out… 






DC ComicsMarvelVertigo...


Egypt and “cartoons” have a real love story ! Papyrus, AlixTintin… are some of the many references which have become classics, but one can also find Egyptian gods in ComicsThorBatman, Mighty Isis, Wonder Woman, The Avengers, Apocalypse, Shazam, The Fantastic Four are all from the DC Comics, Marvel or Vertigo franchises. Reading some of these cartoons and comics will let you encounter Sekhmet, Khonsu, Nekhrun, Osiris… 






Board games, video games (retrogaming) and role play (RPG)


What would the Geek world be without videogames and role play? Here too, the Egyptian gods occupy a prominent place. Let’s not forget the great classics such as Age of Mythology, Pathfinder, Deus... Are they benevolent ? Evil ? What roles do they play? Several examples of these games will be presented in the exhibition.  






The world of Egyptian gods stands before you ! Will you be daring enough to cross the threshold and meet them? 




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Why fund it?

Aidez-nous à réaliser cette exposition inédite.


L'argent reste le nerf de la guerre. Concrètement la collecte sera essentiellement utilisée pour la location des costumes et des objets originaux provenant du film Stargate et de la série Stargate SG-1, leur transport et leur assurance. Elle permettra également de financer une partie de la scénographie (achat de la peinture, impression des panneaux...) et des contreparties. 


Le  budget supporté par le musée (en terme financier et humain) est insuffisant pour atteindre pleinement nos objectifs. Votre contribution est donc essentielle pour nous aider à mener à bien ce projet. 



Musée royal de Mariemont

Le projet d'exposition est porté par Arnaud Quertinmont geek assumé, nostalgique de la Nes, de Stéphanie de Monaco et de Xéna la Guerrière ainsi que par Bertrand Federinov, inconditionnel de Marty McFly, de Willy le Borgne et bien entendu de Stargate. Ils sont également conservateurs au Musée royal de Mariemont (Egypte et Réserve précieuse). ****** Le... See more

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