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De nos grappes à vos verres

Agriculture, Environment, Health & education

Project visual De nos grappes à vos verres
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Monday, June 29, 2015
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Our goal : to cultivate the land as well as enjoy an authentic, responsible and good glass of wine. Help us make it a reality.

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Why fill the vats right away while still in the vineyard?
The most important reason for choosing this particular system is linked to our drive to limit as much as possible the number of times the grapes/wine changes containers. This is based on the idea that the less we intervene in the vinification process, the less the grapes, and therefore the wine, will be subjected to stress and, thus, alterations. During the vinification and, more specifically, the fermentation processes, a considerable number of necessary microorganisms act to transform the grapes. As we wish to allow these “actors”, already naturally present in the vineyard, the chance to do their work, we want to start the process as close as possible to the moment of harvest. Therefore, the wine vats, already full of freshly-harvested grapes, will be transported to the cellar/stockhouse where they wll be stored in the best possible conditions for fermentation and vinification
What do I do if I can't come to Vauvert for my reward?
For those who cannot travel to France/Vauvert to collect their rewards, we will provide you with an estimate of shipping costs to your specific locale. In the case of the various "tastings" rewards, we will search for and find solutions for each and every participant as the need arises. In both of these cases, please send an email to contact@uncoinsurterre.com giving us the name of your city as well as the reward you plan to receive.
If I can come to France to collect my reward, where can I have a "home" tasting?
For our friends/contributors that can make their way to France to collect their rewards, we will gladly host a tasting at our home in Vauvert.
What happens once our crowdfunding campaign is finished?
Our goal is to keep in contact with every person who contributed to the campaign, and we will do this by sending regular updates/newsletters of milestones and events throughout the year. Regarding the rewards, we will contact all contributors directly to organise their reward collection.
How can I contribute by check rather than by online transaction/credit card?
All you have to do is send a check to Mr. Sentex Edouard to the following address: 31 Rue Mercat Viel, 30600 Vauvert, and tell us which reward you plan to receive. Your check will be scanned and sent by e-mail to the KissKissBankBank team who will then deposit it into our account. The money will, of course, not be debited from your account till the campaign has finished and we have reached our goal.