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De nos grappes à vos verres

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Project visual De nos grappes à vos verres
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Monday, June 29, 2015
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Our goal : to cultivate the land as well as enjoy an authentic, responsible and good glass of wine. Help us make it a reality.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

The harvest season is approaching!!!

Hello lovely kisskissbankbanking friends!!!

First things first, we hope that everyone’s “Thank You” card arrived safe and sound.
We also hope that the summer season is being kind wherever in the world you may be…
Here in the South of France, the grapes are more and more beautiful by the day, and we are starting to prepare for the harvest season.
Meanwhile in the cellar, the vinification material is being delivered bit by bit, and we are so thankful to Gilles Perraudin for sharing his space with us.
With that said, we think about you guys everyday and how this would not have been possible without your help…
And so we would like to invite all of you to participate in a day of harvest fun with us in September.
We hope that for those who can make it, this experience will be not only a day of food and festivities, but also a window into the work we’re doing here at “Un Coin Sur Terre”.
The harvests to come will require a group effort both in terms of work and fun, and we would love to share it all with you!
All we ask is for you to come ready with your best grape harvesting attire and, of course, your smile! We are also asking a minimum of 1EUR contribution for all drinks served during the afternoon festivities. As long as you come prepared, we’ll take care of the rest!
In order to organize as best as possible our days of harvesting fun, we invite you to sign up by clicking on the link below.
You’ll need to fill out your name, the date(s) you plan to come, as well as any other relevant information which can be detailed in the “Comments” section (e.g. if you will be bringing others, etc.)
We have made the decision to plan for several dates because it’s still a little early to know which will be the best in terms of the grapes and their maturity levels.
Therefore, don’t hesitate to check both dates if you are available and have no particular preference.
Lastly, if you would like some help in looking for nearby accommodation, please check the appropriate box. We will then offer any help we can in finding what you need in the vicinity.

Sign up here

P.S. If we haven’t heard from you, and you have not yet received a card from us, please let us know as soon as possible.
Thanks, and we hope to see you all very soon!
Lane and Edouard, Un Coin Sur Terre



The grapes are almost ready and we are choosing the best of the bunch.


We are thinning the vines so the grapes have more room to breathe.


And we are cutting the little green grapes which we call the "grapillon" 


You can also find a little video that explains everything (in french): 






Lane and Edouard

Friday, July 17, 2015

Signed, sealed... and soon to be delivered!!!

Hello everyone,

Even though we’re still recovering from the overwhelming honor we feel, we have so many commitments still to fulfill! With that said, we are sending a little something to your mailboxes which should arrive in the weeks to come.


In the meantime though, the purchase of vinification material continues!


 And the cellar is taking form more and more everyday


Here are the barrels patiently awaiting  the arrival of fresh wine.


Not to mention the vines which are increasingly getting bigger and even turning red (we call that the véraison in french)!... 


 It won’t take long before they stop “growing” and they’ll officially put all their energy into maturing…


We wish you all a wonderful summer, and we’ll be back very soon to continue this amazing adventure with you!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


We had no idea, before launching this campaign, the dimension this project could take and how many contributors and friends we would make along the way.
Thanks to you, we can continue this journey we started in November… it’s an adventurous path for sure, but one that has offered us so much already especially in the way of getting to share it with you all…
Thanks to you, we confirmed that the help and support of those around us is invaluable, and it is what allowed us to accomplish our goals with enthusiasm and strength…
Thanks to you, we can tell those who wish to listen that solidarity does exist in this modern society of ours and that this project is a perfect example.
Thanks to you, when writing this email there is a certain form of nostalgia that takes hold thinking about the past 45 days and all the lovely and encouraging messages we received from you. We feel so lucky to have had the pleasure of exchanging ideas as well as positive messages of hope and support…
So for all of this and more, a huge thank you…
A huge thank you for what you made happen in the last month and a half, what we are making happen today, and what we will all make happen tomorrow and for many years to come.
So with that said, we counted on you to help us transform this idea into reality, and you can certainly count on us to keep you engaged and informed as long as “Un Coin Sur Terre” lives.
Starting today, our crowdfunding is finished, but everything else is just beginning!!!
P.S. - You will be informed very shortly about the planning of donation rewards.
       - We want this project to be interactive as much as possible, so please don’t hesitate to send us your comments, advice, and ideas. They will help us make "Un Coin Sur Terre" better than we ever imagined.
       - A big thank you to a few people in particular who helped us make this campaign the best it could be, Sebastien Benoit for the video and Vân-Ly Phan for the crowdfunding advice and coordination. We could have never done this without them.
Thank you again, and you’ll be hearing from us again very soon… that’s a promise!!! 
Sunday, June 28, 2015

T-1 day till the end of this adventure, but the beginning of another season!

Hello everyone.


As you can see, many generous contributors have joined us these past few days. We feel so lucky to have you all as part of our vineyard family... and there is still 24 hours left.

We're sending out this last little reminder to anyone that has yet to spread the word, but also to share with you our grand media finale for the campaign, which was a visit from France 3 Nîmes, a local news station. They came to talk to us about crowdfunding and why we made the decision to make our project a "group effort". Here is the link for the video.


Again, this is in French, but for those of you that would like to see our few minutes of TV fame, you can find the story at "3min30s".

Meanwhile here in Vauvert, the vines are still growing and the grapes are getting bigger by the day...

Thanks to the vines and all of you, we feel like the luckiest little winemakers in the world!!!

So thank you so much for everything...




A row before it's summer trim


The same row after being trimmed.


Avoiding of course cutting/damaging our beautiful grapes of mourvèdre.


We'll be back with you tomorrow to celebrate the success of our campaign and the start of another season in this wonderful adventure!!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

The end is rapidly approaching, but we're still not slowing down!!!

Hello everyone, 


Friday, there was an excellent article written about us in the regional newspaper known as the "Midi Libre"...

Thank you so much to the writer, Stéphane, for your work.

However, there is a small correction to be made about the ownership of the vines which actually belong to Florence and Jean Pascal Martin Festa.

Below you will find the article that appeared in the paper on Friday. However, we plan to send an English translation of the text within the week!




Then on Saturday, the fun continued at the local market where we distributed flyers (image below) to everyone we could including local vendors and market-goers alike.






The last week of our campaign has officially begun... 


If you all know anyone who might be interested, but who have not yet heard about/had the time to participate in "Un Coin Sur Terre", now is the time...  


We hope you all have a wonderful week, and you'll hear from us soon!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Radio France Bleu Gard Lozère gives Us a Shout!

Hello everyone,


Yesterday, we had a visit from one of the radio journalists at France Bleu Gard Lozère.

Intrigued by our project as well as our crowdfunding campaign, he wanted to meet us and hear the story firsthand. We, of course, were delighted to speak with him. So here is a little report he did for this morning's broadcast... with English summary below.

Thanks Arnaud D'Arcy!!!




Mr D'Arcy was very interested to know how the idea for the vineyard came about and why we decided to take the crowdfunding route as part of our financing. We responded that the project will take form over the course of 3 years and therefore, 3 phases. The idea for the crowdfunding campaign was born out of a desire to allow those who know us as well as those who don't to contribute any amount they wanted... and then watch the project grow over time. We then went to the cellar where we showed Mr. D'Arcy the material we have already purchased with the crowdfunding money. There, we presented to him a third of the material we plan to purchase (we have right now 4 barrels and 3 vats).  The report finishes by a small explanation of the various rewards offered for your donations, and although we have reached our first goal, the work is not yet done!


We still have more news and publicity to do and present to you all. Don't forget, we're still trying for 150% for the bottling equipment we need! The time is flying by, but WE BELIEVE WE CAN DO IT!!!



Friday, June 12, 2015

103%!!! Congratulations!!!

We are so pleased to officially announce that we have reached our first objective. This achievement guarantees us the material we need for our vinification.
With that said, we have wasted no time, and we are happy to present to you here our first purchases… Here is one part of the vats and the barrels which will serve in aging the wine… And this is only the beginning. We are so excited!!!
Bravo to all of you… and thank you!!!


However, we can’t just rest on our laurels now. Therefore, we propose to all you supporters out there another objective… 3000 euros for the purchase of bottling materials.
And with this new objective comes a little game!!!
If together (with the help of the local media and you guys who are spreading the word so well) we can reach 150% of our first goal, we will add to all of the rewards an “Un Coin Sur Terre” drop stop….
We feel that this project is more alive than ever thanks to all of you, and all that we wish or hope for is to see it through to the end with you by our sides…
Thank you all so much


And thank you vines!!!



Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The 100% is close… Time to get crazy and dream bigger!!!

Hello everyone,

Today we can say that we really believe, without a doubt, we will reach our objective… “Purchasing the vinification material we need”.

Needless to say, we are excited and delighted to be able to realize this first goal.

Imagining the numerous people who have enabled this campaign, and very soon, our new equipment makes us proud, and we want nothing more than to share it with you!  


However, today, we don’t want to stop just yet. We have still another objective in our hearts and minds… To purchase the bottling material.

To achieve this, we are using every form of communication at our disposal.

For example, you will find below an excerpt from a local radio show we did last week called “Radio Système”.


The show is of course in French, but for our beloved anglophones, we’ll give you a brief overview.

The show is hosted by a local environmental activist who introduces a new topic every month regarding the environment/agriculture. This month’s theme was viticulture, and Edouard and I were his guests. He interviewed us about how we met and how this project became what it is today. Edouard talked about his own approach to winemaking and why we chose the region and the soil where we are now. We also touched on the various aspects of the project including the educational/pedagogical element, which we hope to implement with time. And last, but not least, we discussed our various financing techniques, including you guys, our kisskissbankbankers! 

We still have 20 days left and you can count on us to make the most of them!!!

Thanks again for your love and support. Where would we be without you?


See you soon!


Lane, Edouard “Un Coin Sur Terre” 


Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Amazing progress!

We’re very happy and proud to announce that we are currently (20 days into the campaign) at 66% of our first fundraising goal: To be able to finance the vinification equipment.

Thanks to all of you, we believe more than ever that we will succeed and this idea will be realized… but there is still a ways to go….

So, with that in mind, and with the hope of continued donations, we have added 4 more availabilities for the “You Are Phenomenal” reward.

We want to thank you all so much for the incredible energy you have brought to our daily life….

So with this good news comes more good news, we were written about for an article on the Costieres de Nimes website.

Read responsibly!!!


See you soon with more “juicy” info from the vines at “Un Coin Sur Terre”.





Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A promising beginning!!!

Hello Kisskissbankbankers!


This week’s news is full of good updates about Un Coin Sur Terre.

First of all, we want to thank everyone again for believing in this project. Your daily confidence and encouragement is so motivating.

The campaign’s progress is really encouraging, but we are still only at the beginning. What a beginning it has been though!

Next week, we’ll be launching the media side of the campaign with full force. This will include radio appearances as well as meeting as many people as we can and distributing flyers through local networks. (Organic shops, purchase/supplier organizations, the local market, etc.)


So with all that said, we are very happy to announce that we have officially chosen our company logo.



It was the object of much reflection over the past few weeks and we are proud to present it to you here.

We also have for you some photos of our daily life here in Vauvert where the Spring is in full swing.

Dscn2871petite-1432740515           Dscn2869petite-1432740835

It’s a real treat to be accompanying our vines on their continuous journey….

The blossoms are coming, and we promise to have photos when they do….

See you soon