Help Her Golden Whip to Record their First Full-Lenth Album!


Detaillierte Präsentation des Projekts




Her Golden Whip started out in early 2013 in Berlin by a Jonas Bovin on guitars and vocals and Andrew March on clarinet. Jonas had previously been playing in different rock and ska bands while Andrew came from a klezmer background. What came out was a mix of catchy melodies and intense energy with a big party vibe all over.



Just hanging out and jamming at Blubb Badeparadise in Berlin


We are a band consisting of members from all over the place - from Sweden to Sicily, from America to

Japan, and the idea was always to make people dance and enjoy themselves.  

In 2014 we recorded our debut EP “The Way We’re Dancing”  and have since been playing around in Berlin, Germany and Europe. 




This summer and autumn we have been making people dance and shake their asses as much as we could but finally decided to stop the machinery for a second to record our first full-length album!



During our video shoot for "The Way We're Dancing"


But we were lucky. We found some dedicated guys who wanted to record us at Deutsche Pop - a big sound engineering school in Germany. Right now we are in the recording process and it's going pretty great - BUT we still need your help to complete the album. 



Ibon and Domenica killing it at a show at B-Nuu in Berlin.



Jonas and Davide during the video shoot for "The Way We're Dancing"



Flo laying down a groove on bass


Welchem Zweck dient das Crowdfunding?

With your help we can complete this album. Aside from the recording there is a lot that needs to be done.


This is what your donations will go to:


- Mix und Mastering The raw tracks must be mixed in a professional studio and finally mastered (the final touch that makes them ready to be printed on CD, vinyl or digitally released).   


Estimated costs: 1350€


- Album Artwork We are working together with a professional designer to make the album cover as well as a booklet.


Estimated cost: 500€


- CD production Finally the booklet and album covers must be printed along with a CD.


Estimated costs: 500€


And if we exceed the goal with more then 600€, the money will be used for printing vinyls!


HER GOLDEN WHIP is a Klezmer-­‐Ska-­‐Band from Berlin with international members. The eight musicians play all original compositions, which are heavily inspired and draw from Klezmer, Ska, Rock and Folk music from around the world. The songs share stories about love, life in Berlin, social injustice, and happiness while making everyone dance and...

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