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Hopaal : le T-shirt 100% recyclé

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Thursday, June 30, 2016
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Participate to launch a 100% recycled brand that protects the planet!

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Is recycled cotton really better for the environment?
Definitely, YES! Between the cotton field and the final product a regular T-shirt can consume more than 2700 liters of water, no matter if the cotton is organic or not. (Few words about organic cotton) Be careful, this solution is obviously much better than regular coton but the only scientific studies studying the water consumption of an organic cotton field have showed the following information. An organic cotton field consumes more water during the first years (the cotton is less resistant because less protected) ; and consumes a little bit less water than a regular cotton field after 2 or 3 years because the soil has get rid of the pesticides and thus retains more water and minerals. There is no miracle...organic or not a cotton plant needs water to grow :))) So using waste and plastic bottles to do brand new T-shirt saves AT LEAST 2700 liters of water per T-shirt. The positive impact is also that we USE WASTE. All the waste that we are using to do brand new T-shirts are waste that won’t finish into the nature or landfills.
Is recycled cotton less resistant?
Not at all! The fiber resistance start to degrade after several time of recycling, but not after the first time. So the fabric will be as strong as it was in the beginning! Try and you will see!
How is it possible to do a thread from plastic bottles?
Plastic bottles are made out of polyester, better known as PET - a synthetic fiber - in the textile industry. At high temperature the PET melts and can be turned into a thread. Easy uh? Two cool things: 1/ The energy needed to make polyester from plastic bottles is less than what is needed to make the virgin polyester in the first place, so we save energy. Various studies all agree that it takes from 33% to 53% less energy! 2/We are keeping bottles and other plastics out of the landfills :)
Is a recycled T-shirt less comfortable?
There is absolutely no difference and you won't notice anything. Actually, our T-shirts are very soft and comfortable. Here is our T-shirts composition: -60% of recycled cotton pre-consumption, because the cotton has never been used and comes directly from the leftovers of the cutting stage; -40% of recycled polyester post-consumption, because the polyester comes from recycled plastic bottles.
Why these organisations and how does the refund system work?
We have chosen to build a partnership with these organisations because we know that they are doing a great job and that their actions have a real positive impact on the mankind and on the planet. How? Either we know them, or we have already worked with them, or we know that their actions have a great impact. Our goal is to have the most beautiful impact on the mankind and on the planet. It will be reached by supporting these organisations which will spend each euro we give them very wisely. We are very confident about that :)) Regarding the refund system at the end of the crowdfunding we will count the number of people who decided to support each organisation. According to this we will then donate the due amount of money to the right organisation. We will send you some screenshots of the transaction to show you that the money has been well sent! After the crowdfunding we will donate the money on a monthly basis.
What will the organisation do with my money once I’ve donated? Will I be able to follow the activities?
Each organisation will use your money for a specific project. We spoke with each of them and we decided to allocate your money to one of their project. Mountain Wilderness: Clean a mountain; it will help them for the summer edition. Babyloan: We will donate the money to a microentrepreneur in the textile industry. If we go beyond our goal we might be able to support more than one microentrepreneur :) Coral Guardian: They will plant some reef and take care of it for you. We will send you the exact location of where it has been planted. Watsi: We will support a patient in need. As for Babyloan, the more we are the more we can help :) For each of these actions you will be able to follow the evolution of the project, to ask for details and also to know what happened thanks to your support!
Can I donate to Hopaal?
First, thank you! You have two options: 1// You can buy one of our product, that would be a great start! 2// If you want to support Hopaal for free you can put the amount of money you want to give without picking any counterparts. Any support is welcomed!
What will happen if you don’t reach the target?
If we don’t reach our target two things will happen: 1// First we will be really sad (but it’s ok! :)) and we will try to improve our concept & products ; 2// You will be fully refunded since we would not be able to receive your financial support. Hopefully, this won't happen! ;)
What will happen if you receive more than your target?
That would be awesome! Actually it doesn’t change a lot for you: you will still be able to order and we will be very happy to provide you the T-shirt you want. Receiving more would also mean : more water saved, more actions supported and...more products to come! Regarding Hopaal, the more we receive the faster we will be able to develop new products : what about 100% recycled sweater, pants, and so on? This extra money will be spend wisely to offer you a greater range of product and a very beautiful website where to shop online, follow your actions and learn about what we can do with textile :))
Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do! However we can’t support the shipment fees so we will ask you to pay them. Since we pay the shipment in France we will of course just ask you to pay the difference. Here are few examples for a T-shirt shipment: Europe: + €5 ; Rest of the World : +€7 ; Vatican : + €5... we never know ;) It might be a little bit more expensive if you order several T-shirts or another pack. Ask us we will tell you ;)
Can I find Hopaal t-shirts in stores ?
No, not yet! So far you will find them EX-CLU-SIV-LY on this website! However by September we will open an online shop and we might sell some T-shirts in certain shops. We will let you know :))
When will I receive my Tshirt?
Pretty soon! The crowdfunding will be finished by the end of (JUNE?). After we will have to realize all the T-shirts and send them by the end of July. You will then receive them before mid August. Perfect to hang out for the end of the summer and to be ready for the start of the school year ;)
How to chose my T-shirt and the projet I want to donate to?
The size chart is here to help! If you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact us. As soon as you know which T-shirt do you want just pick the right counterpart and send us a message with the color, the model and the size you need thanks to the KissKissBankBank internal mail service. If you order several T-shirts please indicate the color, the model and the size for every T-shirts. It is the same for the project you want to support: tell us if you want to help a patient, a micro-entrepreneur, protect the mountains or the coral reefs :)) We will give you more details about these projects on our Facebook page, follow us ;) If you forget we will ask you by mail :)
Why “Hopaal”?
We picked this name because it sounds good, it is pleasant to hear and we can do some cool play of words : Eaux Pâles ; Hope All ; Hopaal Masqué and so on! And the domain name hopaal.com was available aha!
Who are we ?
We are four French and Swedish young people, around 22 years old, who try to find a sustainable, pleasant and responsible solution to one of the biggest issue within the textile industry: water.