Lotville-Landscape of Desire is a visionary perspective on Europe's countryside in relation to urbanity, it's brain is the Lotville-SKYWALK!


Detaillierte Präsentation des Projekts





For "Lotville" raumlabor is asking a simple question: 

What if the beautiful and touristic Lot Vallée du Lot becomes a dream target for migrants around the world? 


We have gathered a transdisciplinary team of experts to develop strategies for inhabitants, nature and the tourist industry to think positive into a future of urbanization. We are searching the history of urban planning for solutions to the challenges of our society today.  We collected the stories of people, who have moved to the valley, as a blueprint for a future development.


Our mission is to create a new vision of the city of tomorrow. Yesterdays Visions have followed us in our work and we are grateful for that, we think it´s time for an update! The scenic Vallée du Lot in the very middle of Europe is our testing ground. Lotville will be a place where people, who try to get into Europe and/or travel through Europe to find a new home, will find the place to spent their lives. 


For this city we think it needs a brain: the University of Lotville. A University of experimentation that asks questions, rather than answering them.


The Skywalk is the visual manifestation of it´s network of knowledge, the outlook into a future where learning, working and making a living reassemble to a new common ground. 


With your help  we will be able to realise it! 


More information on http://lotville.eu/





The Lotville-SKYWALK represents a series of visionary strategies for the Vallée du Lot as a testing ground for ideas for Europe's countryside in relation to urbanity.  

The Lotville-SKYWALK  will become the central point of communication about the "Lotville – Landscape of Desire"! 













Welchem Zweck dient das Crowdfunding?


The collected money will be used to by materials to realize the first piece of Lotville: The Lotville-SKYWALK


A poetic wooden construction – 50 meters long, 5 meters high with a beautiful view on both sides. A connection between ideas, forms and the surrounding landscape! The founding element for our visionary city of the future!


Wood from the lokal saw mill: 3000€


Screws and Connections: 750€


Foundation Materials: 1000€


Transports: 250€


Facilities: 500€








team lotville (a temporary sub unit of raumlaborberlin working on the project: LOTVILLE-landscape of desire) raumlaborberlin is a Berlin based group of 8 architects, founded in 1999. We work at the intersections between architecture, city planning and art by means of performative, temporary interventions. The focus of raumlaborberlin’s work is urban... Den Rest sehen

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Bravo et espérons voir cela au vernissage du parcours Lotville le 4/7. Jacques L DERET, Administrateur de la MAGP et fondateur de Art [ ] Collector "des collectionneurs invitent un artiste" www.art-collector.fr
liebe grüsse von feld72 und viel erfolg! bises
liebe grüsse von feld72 und viel erfolg! bises