The Skagaströnd Review is an artist book which retraces via archive photographs and artists productions the history of a small town in Iceland.


Detaillierte Präsentation des Projekts

In 2010 I came as an artist for the first time to the Nes Residency in Skagaströnd.




It was beginning of August and the start of a three month residency in that little fishing village at the end of the world. I was about to undertake an experience which would take me out of my comfort zone.

I was on a quest for space, nature, directness; a contrast from my Paris life which is garnished with long distances between places and people combined with high traffic, density, information and anonymity. During the first days the weather was dull and misty. The haze and whiteness of the sky hid the width of the ocean and the height of the mountains. In the polar summer night the traffic lights looked like glowing dandelions on light blue night sky. A few days later once the sky lifted to reveal a spectacular bright blue sky and unveiled a shimmering landscape. Skagaströnd’s hidden beauty was revealed. 




The experience of the space below and above me, the connection between earth and sea as well the tension between closeness and distance changed me. The impact of this new world directly flew into my emotional and physical structure. Landscape was an immediacy, something to experience with all the senses and I got part of that landscape.




In 2012 I learned of the town archive and my interest as a photographer was deeply inspired by it. In quite a short time I could have an overview of the last hundred years of history of the town, not just its large moments but its intimate one’s as well.



The encounter with about seventy artists over the past 5 years and their work created on site evoked

the wish to create a unique voice of the past and present of Skagaströnd. This magazine is an iconographic assemblage with images of the archive and artworks and my tribute to this special place. The goal is to edit a review once a year or every 2 years.




Here is an appetizer of the content of the review.




photo credit: 


Adolf H. Berndsen collection Tiana Tucker, Cliff Installation, 2014, nylon rope, stoneware (ceramic) red iron oxide




photo credit:

Dee Gibson, Ís, gelatine, digital still from video loop, 2013

Hreiður, Icelandic wool, 2013 (photocredit Renata De Bonis)

Björn Bergmann, sea ice in the Húna bay, 1963 or 1965





Birte Pederson, Untitled, digital photography, 2013 Unknown photographer, Gunnar Sveinsson


The Review will have 92 pages and is A4 size. It is printed by Svansprent in Reykjavík.

Welchem Zweck dient das Crowdfunding?

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In order to finsih the project in the best way possible we need YOU!


- The most of the necessary costs have already been covered by the support of two grants the "Uppbyggingarsjóður Norðurlands Vestra", the regional fund of Northwest Iceland and the Minningarsjóður um hjónin frá Vindhæli og Garði, a private funding from Skagströnd town. The Nes Residency, the Municipality of Skagaströnd and the University of Iceland have been of great support to make this project happen by providing the accomodation, the archive material and technical support.


- From 1500€ on the outstanding printing costs will be totally covered and the project can be edited in 500 copies. The review will be printed by a printer in Iceland which is also known for artbook prints.


- From 2000€ on the review can be distributed in a decent way worldwide and sent out to the press in order to enlarge the visibilty of the project.


 - Over 2000 € the amount of copies can be boosted and the review will be made available to more readers !!!









Andrea Weber (DE/FR) Born in Germany she studied photography at the Folkwang University of Arts in Essen and at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux de Paris. Andrea Weber uses different medias in her work as painting, photography, installation and found objects. Actually she combines objects made out of ceramics with materials which are... Den Rest sehen

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Super! Liebe Grüße. Ich drücke die Daumen!
Super! Liebe Grüße. Ich drücke die Daumen!
This is a great project and I can´t wait to see the result!