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Tiny House 100% autonome

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Thursday, December 28, 2017
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Help us build a self-sufficient in energy tiny house thanks to photovoltaic panels. 100% autonomous in energy.

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Tiny House 100% autonome

Guillaume and Sébastien explain you why they need your support.






We are Sébastien Cloarec and Guillaume Gilbert, we met each other in our Engineering School in 2009.




In 2017, we created our company, l’Atelier Des Branchés, to build tiny houses. We want to get french people to know better this wonderful way of living.





Tiny House was invented in the United States. During the 2008 sub-prime mortgage crisis, a lot of families had to get out from their house. Tiny houses allow them to find an affordable accomodation.







We built our first tiny house in Guillaume's family garden, cutting would in the garage.


Then, we moved in a workshop where we can created and receive our first customers. We settled next to Rennes, in Brittany (western France). 






Since we created our company, we didn't stop R&D to optimize energy consumption and tiny house energy production. We found solutions to build tiny houses autonomous in electricity, recycling water and being more efficient thermically. But everything has a cost and we need your help to finance the technological equipments and integrate them to our prototype.


This prototype is very important to us because it will be a reference for all the tiny houses we will build. Here are some of the tiny houses we build for our customers:




The plans of this prototype are ready but today, we don't have enough treasury to finance ourselves this ecological tiny house you can see below.






Our first communication campaign was really simple. It allows us to share our philosophy on social networks. Our philosophy is a world focused on Nature where the whole world becomes your home. Tiny houses allow us to discover it with the essentials. Here are some inspirational visuals we made. You can see more of them on: 





Which means : “The advantage of taking your house on holidays is that you can't forget anything.”


Cartes_postales_atelier_branches10-1509704494 Which means : “It's so beautiful to watch a leaf falling, especially when you know you won't have to pick them up.”


Cartes_postales_atelier_branches13-1509704467 Which means : “This year, we didn't have to buy a Christmas tree.”




We had the idea to make a film that would be a media to communicate both on this crowdfunding and on our activity and philosophy. We wanted this film to be an ode to wood and tiny houses.  


Without treasury, this film was made with the good will of everyone and some partnership, among which Land Rover. The shooting lasts 3 days in Breton forest and in our workshop. Here are some pictures of the shooting and voice record.







We are so happy to present this film to you today. It allows us to meet each other and we are really happy about meeting you. We sincerely hope that you will find our project interesting and that we succeed in transmitting you our passion for tiny houses and wood.


A thousand thanks for you help and support.


Come visit us. You will always be welcome.


Best regards.


Guillaume et Sébastien - L'Atelier Des Branchés

Allocation of funds

16 000 € are necessary to build our first 100% autonomous tiny house prototype.


L'Ateliers des Branchés will collect the pool and buy the materials.


5 500 € Photovoltaic panels + regulator + converter + cables


1 500 € Solar batteries


1 400 € wastewater-recycling system + reserve + pump


1 300 € Heating system


1 300 € Water eater


5 000 € Trailer


If we succeed in raising more money, we could finance the rest of the materials required, such as quality local wood for cladding, pieces of wooden furniture, panelling, floor, to offer the best comfort possible to everyone welcome in this beautiful autonomous tiny house.


The construction of this prototype will begin in the middle of summer 2018.

Choose your reward

For €1

For us, every euro matters. Thank you so much.
  • Delivery Januar 2018

For €5

Thank you very much. We will write your name on a beautiful douglas tree board. We will be honored to read your name each time we enter in the tiny house built with your contribution.
  • Delivery Januar 2018

For €20

We are so glad you like our project. You make us blush. As much as Douglas wood, the one we use to build our tiny houses. To thank you, we send you 5 seeds of Douglas tree. Who knows? In 50 years, we may use your trees to build you a tiny house.
  • Delivery Januar 2018

For €30

To thank you, we should send you a postcard. You know what? We are sending you 5 postcards at the colors of our communication campaign.
  • Delivery Januar 2018

For €45

Thank you so much. To keep you waiting, we send you a biological tote bag made in France, just like our tiny house. It is at the colors of our communication campaign of course, with an inspirational visual and our logo.
  • Delivery Januar 2018

For €65

Thank you so much. You deserve to wear one of our beautiful T-shirt with an inspirational visual of our communication campaign.
  • Delivery Januar 2018

For €100

A huge TAHNK YOU! We will send you a biological tote bag made in France just like our tiny house + 5 postcards with an inspirational visual at the colors of our campaign.
  • Delivery Januar 2018

For €150

Thank you a thousand times. We will send you a biological tote bag made in France (just like our tiny houses) + 5 postcards + 1 T-shirt at the colors of our communication campaign.
  • Delivery Januar 2018

For €250

Take part to a half-day course in our workshop to know everything about tiny houses building.
  • Availability: 20/20
  • Delivery Januar 2018

For €350

We don't know what to say! Except a huuuuuuuge THANK YOU! What if you come for one night in our tiny house?
  • Delivery Januar 2018

For €500

How crazy you are! Thank you so much! The least we can do is to welcome you for a week-end in our tiny house.
  • Delivery Januar 2018

For €1,800

We don't know how to thank you! Are you handy? Then we can send you the plans of our tiny house "La Canadienne" to DIY.
  • Delivery Januar 2018

For €10,000

The prototype we will build thanks to you will be named from your name! + we will welcome you as a King (or a Queen) for a week-end.
  • Availability: 1/1
  • Delivery Januar 2018

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