Engagez-vous dans une aventure extraordinaire - La traversée du détroit de Gibraltar.


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The fascination of swimming and the determination to rise a new challenge made me start to think about this project. The goal is to swim from Tarifa (Spain) to Punta Cires (Marocco) without a wetsuit in the period of April 2014. The swim distance is between 16.5 and 22 km due to the influence of the strong currents which prevail in the Strait. The fundamental factor in the crossing are the currents which can reach more than 3kn (5.5 km/h) at any moment during the crossing. Factors such as water temperature, fog, ship traffic, currents and nausea can affect the athletic performance as well as the successful crossing. The water temperature in my scheduled time window is between 16° and 18°C. The crossing starts after the sunrise from the boat located at Tarifa Island and I have to touch the rocks on the Spanish coast. The crossing will end at a natural point on the North African coast in Marocco.The preparation for the crossing is planned by my headcoach Benjamin Gerone (Schwimmclub Solothurn - Switzerland) and he will accompany me on the trip.







Strait of Gibraltar - Tarifa to Punta Cires

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The costs of the planned crossing are very high. The total costs are: 750 € for guide boat and crew, 350 € for the support of  the crew , 200 €  for ambulance disponibility and first aid equipment on the guide boat, 250 €  for authoritation, documents, and organization and 250 € other costs. This amounts to 1800 €, which I have to pay at the "The Straight of Gibraltar Swimming Association ".


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