There is no limit, as long as there is no choice! Delepaule is the choice not to choose.


The project






Delepaule is a whole range summed up in a single product! Get it and choose later how you are gonna use it, according to your mood, your schedule, your lifestyle. This is an ambitious project, based on local economy and short cycle, but with a global scale. If a country distributes Delepaule, it means that the bag is manufactured in the country. The identity of Delepaule will be built on the divergence of techniques and cultures. It is based on the valorization of these cultures through details and finishes made, always with the single watchword: quality at any trial for a bag that can follow you anywhere!






It all started with the frustration of having to choose.


The brand philosophy, the identity, the policy made a brand unique. It is easy to federate to an idea, but much more complicated to seize it. Indeed, each brand offers a whole range of products in which the consumer has to choose.


Delepaule is based on : An idea, a philosophy, a product.






Delepaule is not just a bag, is also a new idea of business model. Based on the short distribution channel values (local, social, well-made, environmentally responsible) and the global distribution of standard channel, Delepaule wants to create a huge stylist network who will create and distribute the bag on their own country. Each product will be slightly different, and it will be for the best ;D






Delepaule offers you the right not to choose. You like the idea? Agree with it by adopting the product, and choose later how you will like to wear it. Delepaule gives you the possibilities of a whole range in a single product. Assemble & disassemble it as ease as a construction game!






The Delepaule is composed of three parts : The main bag, which as two large pockets (vertical & horizontal) able to welcome a 15" laptop. The small bag, which is able to carry a 10" tablet. And two straps that you can assemble as you want, to create the most suitable bag for you and your needs : backpack (2 or 3 pockets), messenger, shoulder bag or tablet bag.


The idea came up in Barthélémy Delespaul street, in Lille. M. Delespaul was a industrial specialized in linen spinning (start of 19th century). The name : Delepaule is a tribute to the history & the culture of my region, mixed up with a bit of humor : le sac de l'épaule (the bag on a shoulder).






The fabrication of the bag respect a strict policy : the highlight of the different actors of the project. The bag is made by a stylist using fabrics from Europe. The distribution is in the same country that the manufacture. In that way, materials and technics used can be different from one country to another, adding value to the bag thanks to a local knowhow.







The bag is unique but declinations are multiples. Before using it as you wish, you will be able to find it in several versions, giving you a feeling of uniqueness.


The delepaule Original: version available in 3 color combinaisons. (night, brick, mustard)

The Delepaule Stylist: version created by the stylist every seasons.

The Delepale Arty: limited edition in collaboration with artists, the bag becomes a expression area.







To create the prototype and the first bags, Delepaule is associated with Meyrueis De Bruyn, who will be in charge of Belgium. A huge thanks for her time, her happiness and all the good advices which help the project to grow.






For those you like the project and want to support it, but don't need a bag, I created a special reward (100€) with this frame made by INTERLUD. It's a limited edition (10 pcs) showing the quantity of research before I can find an idea that I really like.




Why fund it?

The collect will be used to : 


Final development of the product:   100€

Protection of the idea in Europe:     700€

First stock of 40 pieces:                  3200€

Creation of the reward:                    800€

Thnaks to Kiss Kiss Bank Bank:      8% of the collection

total:                                                5 500€


If we can go over the objective:


Find new stylist in new countries 

Creation of an e-store

Think about the brand's evolution (creation of a bike rack for instance)





I am a young French designer who grew up in a photographic studio. This pictural culture pushed me to study Industrial Product Design during 4 years in Valenciennes, France and one year in Pune, India. This multi-cultural experience allow me to think from several points of view to challenge my daily design work. I am now a freelance designer specialised... See more

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