Help us buy cows and goats to make delicious cheeses on our farm!


The project


At last!!


We have found The suitable farm! A farm 45 km south east of Lyon, with a herd of 7 cows and 18 goats, a dairy and 50 ha to cultivate our cereals and feed our animals.

We like it here and we hope you will too if you come and visit us.

For now, there is a lot of work left to turn it into our farm and also to buy the equipment and animals from Jean Noël and Elisabeth, the current farmers.




Where is the farm ? 


In the little village of Montseveroux, three quarters of an hour South-East of Lyon, just East of the Rhône valley.




The history of the farm


The farm is a family farm : Jean-Noël's parents and before them his grandparents, already made cheese with a mixture of cow's and goat's milk.


Jean-Noël has worked on the farm for the last 30 years with his wife Elisabeth. They built the dairy and increased their range of cheeses. They also organize regular activities on the farm for classes from local schools. When we met Jean-Noël and Elisabeth, we definitely thought we could keep this farm alive.




What we want to do


To start with, Rachel and Thibault are going to work on the farm, to keep the current activities running. Thibault had also moved his bees near to the farm and wants to increase his number of hives.

Angélique and Lionel are fully involved in the project and will officially join the farm once enough income is generated! Lionel wants to bake bread and Angélique will take on the educational activities.


All of the food will be produced organically.



More importantly than officially being farmers, we are choosing a new lifestyle. We will produce our own food: there will be pigs, chickens, an orchard and a giant vegetable garden. We will also set up a room for listening to music, getting together for parties and all kinds of other activities that we haven't yet thought of.


Starting out


To make it more affordable, we will start by renting the farm buildings and the land. We are buying all the equipment and the animals from Jean Noël. We also plan to make a few changes in the dairy, and need extra equipment to store and to mill the cereals for the bread making.


All this costs a lot. We are borrowing from the banks, which is no joke... and to avoid borrowing more than we can afford, we are asking for your help.


Why fund it?

What will your contributions be used for ?


There are 7 cows at 1200 euros each and 18 goats at 100 euros each. We are counting on your support to buy these animals to make the delicious cheeses ! If you are very generous, we will also buy the bull, the heifers, and we will increase the goat herd.


The more you help us, the less pressure we will have for the first few years.



The group started out in 2010 around the idea of living together on a farm. The first step to put our utopian ideas into practice is for two of us to take on the work and responsibilities of a farm 45 km south-east of Lyon. The others will follow soon. The ideas of sharing, helping each other out, enjoying ourselves, are what bind us together. The group... See more

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