Scolarships and Glasses for Vietnamese Children!


The project

From 2005, the association Solidari'Terre has sent students on a humanitarian trip in Vietnam, in collaboration with local association Xuan, Les Enfants de l'Avenir.


This year, we are 6 students taking up the torch and raising the funds we need!




From the end of June until the end of July 2015, we will spend 1 month in Phu Vang, in Hue province, in Vietnam.


We will:

- allocate 32 scolarships. We will visit the families to assess with them, thanks to an interpret, the money their child needs to go to school.

- pay for ophtalmologic health care for children

- hold activities in an orphanage.


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Why fund it?

Out of the 5000€ we need, we hope to raise at least 600€ through Kiss Kiss Bank Bank. Each contribution is helpful! We hope to raise the money remaining thanks to sponsorship, jobs and by selling cakes.


The more money we receive, the more appointments with an ophtalmologist and glasses we can pay for. If we receive more than 5000€, we can also consider raising the number of scolarships allotted.

The impact of our project therefore depends on YOU!




More infos:

Money will be spent on:

- 32 scolarships among which 11 are for upper studies. They will provide for tuiton fees, books, pens, school bag, uniform, health insurance... The average age of beneficiaries is 16 years old.

- NEW THIS YEAR: Appointments with an ophtalmologist and pairs of glasses (20€ each on average).


All activities organized at the orphanage will be costless.

All the money collected will only be spent on the humanitarian project ! We pay our plane tickets and cost of living with our own money.


We are 6 students, from 19 to 22 years old (Clémentine, Loris, Marine, Julie, Emilie et Anne) from EMLyon Business School. Gathered around shared values of solidarity and help, we are ready to commit fully to raise the necessary funds in order to help children from Phu Vang.

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Salut à vous tous ! Projet humain de qualité qui , nous espérons , sera mené à son terme et couronné de succès . Recevez nos encouragements les plus vifs .
D'la balle ce project !! Comme batos le bateau, je veux bien parmi les photos celle d'un véritable Loris, avec les gros yeux et tout, ça vit en Asie ces bestioles. Bises les stars !
Vazy j'adore ce que vous faîtes ! J'veux une carte postale personnalisée et dedans il faut qu'il y est "j'la touche pas avec un bâton" à un moment en mode grand seigneur. Voilà Des bisous mes geules