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The project

I started in a basement of an old house over 50 years, with a saucepan and some household utensils. I quickly realized that it was simple to make beer. Only, I designed my first lager, but I found that the waiting time for the taste was very long. A month later, I tasted this beer and one thing struck me instantly, it is clear that it is easy to make craft beer, but it should still be good. A craft beer is not a simple beer. And this is not a beer thirst, but a beer tasting. 2009 was the first vintage tentatively, others followed, culminating in 2014 after years of research recipes and tastings at quality beers.








Why fund it?

Following strong demand , the punishment to follow production. We have an installation of amateur brewer and we should , in order to meet demand , acquire a facility for micro- breweries.     A renewal of the blending tank is necessary because : Current kettle: capacity 20 liters per brew represents 60 bottles of 0.33 liters. The production of a batch takes about 3 hours.   Currently , we have a stock for at least 100 bottles , we must stir (by hand ) for 6 hours.   A new tank can hold 50 liters of mash representing 150 bottles of 0.33 liters, we will produce the triple for less time.   Especially , we just enter in cool because when breaststroke double , expenses are also double .   Cost of renewing the kettle 50 liters : 2000 €   This funding will allow our micro- brewery to transmit his passion enthusiasts and simply to discover the flavors of beers, industrially, will never craft !

J'ai commencé dans une cave d'une maison vieille de plus de 50 ans, à l'aide d'une casserole et de quelques ustensiles ménagers. Rapidement, j'ai compris qu'il était simple de faire de la bière. Seul, j'ai conçu ma première bière blonde, mais je trouvais que le temps d'attente pour la déguster était très long. Un mois plus tard, j'ai goûté cette bière et... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Pouvons-nous visiter votre brasserie?

Actuellement, nous ne possédons que nos locaux privés pour la production et le stockage de nos bières. Il n'est qu'une question de temps avant de trouver, une surface exploitable dans notre région pour y proposer des visites.

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Je me réjouit de déguster! et surtout bonne chance pour ton commerce... à bientôt