Diane Goes For You will take place in Japan in February. Help me to support the project and find new satellite curiosities on Google Maps !


The project

 "In the new empire of Google, it may seem to us that the whole world can be known without getting up from our chair, without turning our eyes away from the computer. Of course this is not true. Hopefully it will never become true. Even on the most detailed satellite view, the world remains strange and unknown. In order to have a closer look on this unknown world, Diane is ready to get up from her chair and to be your explorer.

Till Roeskens, artist explorer.


Diane Goes For You is a "service to individuals" and a game I purpose you to play.


If there is any place on earth you would like to know more about, if there is any spot on Google's satellite view that seems strange to you or that inspires you any question for which the answer can't be found online but only by going there for real, send me the geographic coordinates and I will try to go there one day and tell you what I saw and experienced. 





Thanks to the questions of several participants,

I’ve explored about thirty destinations throughout Europe. (a floating tree in France, a closed sauna in Lapland, a triangle in Siciiy, a deviating frontier in Romania...)

24 answers are published on the website : Diane Goes For You








Today, I’ve received many requests from all around the world, and I have a lot of new destinations to explore ! you can have a look at this map clicking here : The Map of Future Destinations to Explore



So far, this project has been financed with the money I earned from the cafeteria in Gent where I used to work, then by a grant from the International Film Festival of Rotterdam (IFFR). Today, I am searching for new funding in order to finance further explorations. 

I thought the best idea would be to ask directly to anyone who has interest in my project, to support it and to send me to new destinations.


My first destination will be JAPAN, next February.

I’m going there with my school mates from the atelier Kawamata at «Beaux-Arts de Paris » and my individual project will be to pursue what I have already done in Europe with Diane Goes For You’s project. 


Now, I have some locations to explore in Japan :

- a gigantic Zip-line

- a precious stone in the forest

- a giant trampoline

- a golf field with a wizard face's shape

- an island without bottom, only contour

- lakes and barrages to supply cities and fields


...and several questions, impossible to answer while searching on Internet :


- why the road goes out from nowhere?

- How do the plants to grow such regularly?

what shows this giant arrow made of tree?

- Is it a lost-city?

- Does someone lives in this island?

- How is made the carpentry of this house?


I will try to bring back an answer to the maximum number of participants. It will be published on the website (Diane Goes For You) while traveling, with short films, photographies, writing, drawings and new stories to tell.


I hope to receive new requests on the Japanese territory !


Thank you in advance for your support !

And looking forward to taking you around Japan




People speak about the project ! :




City Lab














Why fund it?

The money will finance the travel cost to go to the whole Japanese territory, from the 8th of February to the 1st of March 2015.


I'll start travelling by train in the East part of Japan (Tokyo, Yokohama, Niigata, Sendaï, Sapporo ...)

The second part of the trip will take me to the West part of Japan (Kyoto, Osaka, Tokushima, Koshi, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Kagoshima ...)

The school pays 600€ of the flight ticket. and I would need 820€ to be able to commute , and to accomplish this project. 


Ticket flight : 300€

Rail pass for the East part of Japan - 21 days = 410 €

Autobus and cheap car or moto rent - 6 days = 100€


Total travel costs = 810€





If we exceed the 810€, the money will be used for paying compensation (phone credit costs, post-expenses for package and postcard for the supporters, books, photos and t-shirts prints) ; the rest will be kept for the next explorations. (a crater in Iceland, a perfect pentagram in Africa, a dot in Greece...)

diane goes for you

"Je suis Diane, J'aimerais mettre mon énergie au service d'une nouvelle conquête du monde, permettre la découverte, même modeste, d'autres espaces, sur la base d'une recherche collective." Diane Rabreau is a french artist who graduated at the KASK in Ghent (BE). Her central interest is the human need for anecdotes. Her main research tool is the... See more

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Hello everyone, the articles in Japanese land are on line ! you are welcome to read it before sleeping : http://destinationeurope.info/ Don't be shy and click on the little links, you can read the website as if you were exploring a new territory...
Bonjour tout le monde ! ça y est, les articles sur le Japon sont en ligne, je vous invite à les lire à votre chevet ce soir : http://destinationeurope.info/ N'hésitez pas à lire le site comme si vous partiez en exploration, en cliquant sur les petits liens.
L'avion décolle tout à l'heure et grâce à vous je pars à l'aventure en terres inconnues de Google Maps l'esprit serein. Mon itinéraire suivra les questions suivantes : 1- Tokyo - Est-ce une infrastructure sportive ou religieuse? - Comment est l'ambiance à l'intérieur de ce bâtiment? 2- Ibaraki - A quoi servent les yeux et les sourires de ces têtards fantomatiques? 3- Fukushima - Quel est la différence entre le Grand Canyon Japonais avec celui d'Amérique? 4- Gunma - Pourquoi il y a autant de routes pour si peu de maisons? 5- Asuka - Ou sont le penis et la vulve en pierre géantes sur les montagnes sacrées? 6- Kyoto - Comment est fait la couverture et la charpente de cette maison? 7- Osaka -C'est quoi cette île sans fond? 8- Nagasaki -Reste-t-il quelqu'un qui habite sur l'île depuis qu'elle a été désertée? 9- Shikoku -Peux-tu chercher la salamandre géante ici? Pour voir à quelles destinations se réfèrent ces question, il n'y a qu'à cliquer sur le lien suivant et zoomer vers le Japon : https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zhyz51TPrYZY.kvF4pewlMIHA J'espère pouvoir accomplir chacune de ces missions. Vous serez informés par email avec la publication de nouveaux articles sur www.destinationeurope.info, et les contreparties devraient vous parvenir vers avril si tout se passe bien. Mille mercis à chacun d'entre vous et à tous les autres, Votre soutien me va droit au coeur ! Diane