Help us create our next record and be rewarded !


The project

Hi everyone !


December 2013, « Journey of silhouette » was released and was like a fresh start for us. Our sound evolved into a mix of 90’s rock music, 80’s funk and modern electro. We were lucky to discover a new audience and play all around France with this record.


Last spring we got very happy to win the “Esprit Musique” national contest, thanks to “Le Fil” who selected us, a jury of professionals and also thanks to you who voted for us and gave us access to final victory!



Today we need you again, but in a different way.

No more doubts, we want to give everything to keep making music for the rest of our lives!

Releasing a new EP is the next step

We already worked a lot and gathered professional structures around us, but it’s not over yet, and despite a large personal investment, we are still short of resources.


And this is where you step in.


A new track and video will be out this September, the EP and a new video in November.


Participate to our Kkbb project and help up close the budget.

But this is not just giving and you can see it as pre-ordering our next EP and getting exclusive rewards.

There no small donation and each and every euro counts (you can give a lot more if you want to) and even just sharing and spreading the word everywhere to everybody is already a huge contribution.


© Haja

Why fund it?

We already covered studio charges and everything related to our 1st video, and now…We’re broke !


Those 4000€ will help us with :


- Pressing cd’s, design work… // 1800€


- Promotion (flyers, posters, designs, social networks…) // 300€


- Produce merchandising, goodies, your rewards (stickers, badges, t-shirts…) // 400€


- Shooting the 2nd Video, essential part of a good CD release. // 3000€ ...


… No need to be math addicted to figure out that this makes more than 4000€ ! That’s why we really need to achieve this project and go even further, otherwise we would lose all your donations and this would have just been a total waste of time…

Every lack of money will be deducted from the 2nd video budget and you’ll agree that a video is always better when it’s beautiful.


Thanks a lot to everyone in advance ! Photo_promo_ok-1442516838

Agence WAB

What's WAB ? Management artistique & booking, spécialisé en musiques actuelles. Why WAB ? We Art Better ! La politique de WAB est de développer à fond des artistes sélectionnés pour leur fort potentiel artistique, mais aussi pour leurs qualités humaines. Nous les manageons et leur consacrons tout le temps nécessaire pour atteindre notre objectif... See more

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Bon courage les gars !
Bonne continuation :) Hâte d'écouter le nouvel album
on vous soutient et on croit en vous félicitations pour votre travail. gros bisous .famille vallas