'Dream High' offers children of Cameroon, matter to dream, to escape their reality and project themselves into the future. August 2013.


The project

The 'Dream High' project aims to stimulate the imagination and creativity of the students of  the Children's Village in Mbalmayo, offering  artistic creation workshops (drawing, painting, clay...), but also raise awareness of the environmental issues thanks to the creative and innovative point of view offered by art and design.


These workshops will enable them to develop their imagination, to release their emotions, develop their independence and to prove that they are able to create, produce and implement a project. Taking responsibility, personal and collective commitments bring a new meaning to their lives. Learning how  to DO, they learn how to BE and to know essential dimensions to project themselves into the future.




Personal and individual project at the biginning, I come to meet young people like me who are willing to be part of it. Thus, the young Jessica SAGOU, Interior Designer and currently interning at the trends agency Nelly RODY , will help me to plan and organize the sessions of visual art that arise in four areas spread over four weeks following :


Theme One. 'When I Grow Up' This workshop will aim to assess the extent to which children become aware of themselves, their bodies, their situation and the perception that others may have of them. In a second time, they will have to look to the future by imagining their future lives. They will have the opportunity to express their desires, their expectations and ambitions. Individual work.


Theme Two. 'My superhero' In small groups, children will imagine a character with superhuman abilities, the various stages of its transformation, its dual identity, powers, weaknesses, enemies, costume ... This workshop will emerge protection needs that might experience children, or allow them to project themselves as the protector of their community. Team work.  




Theme Three. 'Colorful composition' This third workshop will highlight the creation by serendipity. A theoretical explanation of the color and its representations will be given beforehand. Then comes the choice of color and materials research recovery of the chosen color. The children will then conduct an assembly and get a single color composition. Team work.


Theme Four. "Tomorrow, the village' Creating an ideal version of the Children's Village. Consider living together in a city built around their desires, their needs. Engage in a proactive work will emerge in children new relationship with the architecture, landscape, transport networks, houses ... We can also address concepts such as environmental and ecology. Team work.


Each week will consist of the presentation of the theme, research sketches, a tour of cultural place, intervention of an outside artist, creative work on the theme and production aa artwork.


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Dream High Project

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Bravo Jessica, c'est un beau projet pour toi et pour les autres. isabelle et Pascal.
Superbe projet, bravo Jessica, nous sommes de tout coeur avec toi pour sa réalisation, autant pour la signification qu'il représente pour toi, que pour le bonheur des enfants, mais aussi comme tremplin professionnel !!!!! Gros bisous Françoise et Bertrand !!!!!