Avignon's goals 2015! EDGAR WIBEAU : UN GÉNIE MÉCONNU by the Charlie Brasquet Company Theatre Au Bout Là Bas at 7:00 pm.


The project


About us


Nowadays, it is difficult to get known and visible to the public.

To remedy to that, we are going to the off festival of Avignon in 2015.


We will be playing at the theater Au bout là-bas from the 4th to the 25th of July 2015!

This means more than 20 representations!

We would be delighted to share and exchange this moment with you!





Out project


It is an adaptation for the theatre from the novel

Les nouvelles Souffrances du jeune W. d’Ulrich Plenzdorf.


For this project, we wrote the adaptation, built up the staging and we play in it to. This ambitious choice has able us to explore the landmarks of an unexplored theatre.Through our reconstitution, we invite our public, in a subtle way, to discover Edgar’s life. They question themselves, with us, during the representation.


Our way of working is concerned by artistic and human questions which are fundamental for each of us.





In the 70’s, Edgar Wibeau, a 17 years old teen, wanders in the east of Berlin, dressed with his old washed-out jeans. He left his natal town, Mittenberg, hoping to be a painter. He will then fall in love with Charlie, a 20 years old woman, already engaged to Dieter, a soldier.


Edgar’s speech is slowed down because of the investigation of a father he has never known. His father discovers tapes that Edgar used to send to Willi, a childhood friend. On those tapes are recorded extracts of “Souffrances du jeune Werther” from Goethe, last tacks left from Edgar…






Text : Ulrich Plenzdorf


Adaptation : Charlie Brasquet



Alice Buquet

Charlotte Le Bras

Arthur Dumas


Light Creation :Brice Gharibian


State Control : Arthur Dumas


Film : Marion Gutierrez with Malte Schwind


Phtotography's: Laurence Fragnol





Avignon’s festival in 2015

Au bout là bas is a warm and welcoming theatre with 47 seats, managed by Lucien et Francoise ALLOUCH. We will be representing our play in this place, situated in the middle of Avignon, in a calm dead-ended street, neighbour with the theatres Les Halles and Le Verbe Incarné.



Why fund it?




What is our budget?


The compagny’s budget is about 20 000€, including the team’s remuneration, the rent of the theatre, our communication, the copyright and the inscription to the chart of the off.


Thanks to Ullule and the spirit of the crowd funding: We would like the financing to be used for:



- A part of the rent of the theatre

- Communication

- Equipment

- Rent of a lorry to bring our set










La Compagnie Charlie Brasquet est née de la rencontre entre Alice Buquet et Charlotte Le Bras, lors de leurs études à l'Université de Provence. Créée en 2012 à Marseille, nous sommes basés à Grenoble depuis 2014 mais nos membres vivent un peu partout en France : Grenoble, Amiens, Lyon Marseille. Charlie Brasquet est notre figure de résistance, une... See more

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Je suis de tout coeur avec vous, Edgar mérite un fort succès ! On se voit à Avignon ;)
Merci pour vos encouragements ça nous touche beaucoup. Encore merci pour votre soutien moral et financiers, à très vite!
Une petite contribution, j'aurais aimer faire plus, je vous souhaite d'aller au bout et d'avoir le succès que vous méritez. Merci Eliette de m'avoir fait découvrir ce beau projet.