Edithetmoi®, a brand dedicated to all those who look for a smart, sophisticated and elegant style.


The project

Le Concept :


Edithetmoi® is a brand launched in 2013 but has existed for years in the fertile and creative spirit of Marie, a bubbly fashion designer and artist 


A sound that recalls the glamor and Parisian elegance, a direct link with music and a dedication to two French icons of the twentieth century. The first in the world of music, Edith Piaf, the other in the fashion world, the famous little black dress


Sober colors, smooth and light materials, beautiful cuts, a subtle balance between minimalism and graphics, Edithetmoi® diverts essential basics with a touch of audacity and insolence.




Products :


Edithetmoi® This collection is appraised as the first explosive LP a new artist, a selection of self-produced pieces mixing classic rock rhythms, guitar riffs and modern production techniques ... a delight to enjoy as soon as possible!


Black is Back :

Our muse, the first piece of the series and who will be the thread through the seasons:  The little black dress.

Bold and unprecedented, it caused a scandal when it first appeared in Vogue in 1926, and then over time become a symbol of elegance and refinement. Icon worn for nearly a century.

The entire collection is declined in this spirit of conformism and timelessness to create a bold cloakroom as much as for men as women.




Identification and research of detail :

This first collection was inspired by the Toile de Jouy. Reworked in a rock and Parisian spirit, it sets the tone and prints the identity Edithetmoi®.

This Toile de Jouy, like all other printed materials, developed exclusively for Edithetmoi®.

The rest of the collection focuses on fluid and light materials, notes white on black background, thoughtful details, ... a sample of the lyrics of a song by Edith Piaf ... or sometimes air more rock.

To recall the DNA of the brand, a micro 50s embroidered tone on tone on all parts and placed in different places depending on the style.




Production :


The products are designed in France in our studio near Biarritz, then developed and produced with the utmost care in workshops recognized for their expertise (only in Portugal), where quality and passion product still animate pattern-masters and workers.


Our workshops are selected for their unique know-how  and quality manufacturing. We work closely with them in the rigorous choice of the  materials and in the attention to detail.




Packaging & Musical Project:


Who says music says vinyl...... Every item will be sold in Edithetmoi® pouch Kraft an album size 33 laps.

Anxious to limit our environmental footprint, this package will be manufactured in recycled Kraft paper.




And then ? …

… to promote the brand, we would like to record an EP with some songs of Edith Piaf remastered by good musicians, rockers, guitarists … or even DJ's ! 

This EP will be given to our customers and fans ! 






The (dream) Team :


This project is supported by 2 fashion addict, music and rock-and-roll buts (but also French scène), Paris lovers and eager to create a range which is nice, useful and stylish. 


Two opposite profiles profils but also definitely compatible.

Marie, Esmod graduated, artist and designer, whom fertile mind is always high-boiling, gets a solid experience and knowledge in fashion.

Christophe, who is also passionate by the product, cuts his teeth in sourcing, buying and productions for international sportswear brands. 




Depending on the needs, the team is completed by partners and friends who support Edithetmoi® and who give kindly their talent to the project in order to go further.

Among them, we can name those who have participante to the photoshooting, Guénolé Le Gal (Photographer - www.guenole.fr), Delphine Lecat, Virginie Benoist, Vincent Brisson and Remy Gachis. 

A big thank you for all of those we can not name here !


Photos: " Guénolé Le Gal © tous droits réservés "



Why fund it?

Edithetmoi® is an independant project self-financed. Today, we need your help and backing to balance our launching budget and funding plan of our first production. 


The main target of this found-raising is help us  to finance the purchase of fabrics which are delve lopped exclusively for Edithetmoi® :


1/ All-over print "toile de Jouy" used for the skirt, the Women shorts, and "noeud papillon" + used as details on different styles. Cost = 1000€


2/ All-over print "toile de Jouy" coated used exclusively for the Women Jacket "Marie". Cost = 1200€ 


2/ All-over print "micro" needed for one a the Men shirt. Cost = 1000€


3/ The "fil-à-fil" grey fabric used for the one of the other Men shirt. Cost = 1300€


The found-raising will also help us to produce the Kraft sleeve in which will be sale all the Edithetmoi®. Cost = 500€


Total = 5000€.


The total budget to launch the brand and the production cost for our first production is 19.350€. The balance of the budget to cover making cost, buying of the balance fabrics, and e-shop, … is self-financed.


By contributing, you will help us to : 

** Reach the target of pot, 5000€.


** Overtaking the target and reach 7000€.

We can go ahead with Press campaign et give more visibility to our first collection.

Cost = 2000€


** Overpassing the 10.000€ target. We can launch the Musical Project and improve our public relations and communications. 





Edithetmoi® est une marque lancée en 2013 mais qui existe depuis des années dans l’esprit fertile et créatif de Marie, styliste et artiste bouillonnante. Une sonorité qui rappelle le glamour et l’élégance parisienne, un lien direct avec la musique et une dédicace à deux icônes françaises du XXème siècle. La première dans le monde de la musique, Edith... See more

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