LA TOUPIE needs YOU and YOU might need it !


The project

LA TOUPIE is a new association based at AYEN, Corrèze, France, whose main purpose is to offer its members the opportunity to carry out their own woodwork project with the friendly help of Patrick, an enthusiastic craftsman with 40 years’ experience.








If you want to work on the wood with your own hands and make whatever you need or dream of, Patrick will welcome you at LA TOUPIE , share his know-how, show you how to use his machines, and give you a chance to do it yourself and do it beautifully. Well, not just now, but in a few weeks…






You may wish to support this original, innovative and eco-friendly enterprise without expecting anything in return. Or you might be planning to become a “creaCtor” by joining  LA TOUPIE and coming to make a cradle, table, gate, or any piece of furniture, a frame for the veranda, a bee-hive or, why not, a dry toilet! In that case your contribution will constitute an advance payment which will be deducted from the amount due for the time spent working on your project at LA TOUPIE. It will be an investment towards discovering the extreme satisfaction and happiness of having done it yourself.





Just find out how to help both yourself and LA TOUPIE by tracing KISSKISSBANKBANK on the Internet and clicking on LA TOUPIE !






Why fund it?

This delay is caused by the necessity to convert a warehouse newly rented to LA TOUPIE by the village council into a proper joiner’s workshop, as the former workshop is no longer available. And LA TOUPIE needs your help to face the expense of fitting out the new place: electrical equipment, partitions, painting, sanitaryware, etc…  4,000€ are to be found to cover the expense.











L'association La Toupie d'Ayen a pour but l'échange de savoirs faire (artisanal, artistique....) L'idée d'un atelier ouvert à toutes et tous est un projet que Patrick et Catherine, sa compagne, ont depuis longtemps. Aujourd'hui ce projet peut être réalisable grâce à vous. Nous comptons sur vous pour que l'aventure de l'Atelier de La Toupie puisse se...

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Que les copeaux et la sciure coulent à flot! Bises :)
Quel project formidable! J'attend avec impatience de travailler chez la Toupie! What a great concept, really looking good! I can't wait to start my own woodworking project at La Toupie!