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Take part in Blasted!'s first production: Eigengrau!


The project

Blasted ! is a new theatre company whose purpose is to bring plays from the four corners of the Earth to the widest audience possible. We are currently preparing our first production: Eigengrau by Penelope Skinner.


After a rehearsed reading during the Peril Jeune! Festival on October 23rd 2015, Confluences invited us to produce the play for the first time on May 11th and 12th 2016. We’ll then bring the play to the Manufacture des Abbesses from May 15th to June 15th, Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We’ll also be performing on June 4th at the Journées Jeune Création Festival at Theatre 95, a publicly funded theatre, dedicated to contemporary plays.

In winter, we'll also be performing in Levallois Perret.





Two worlds collide: myths and the modern metropolis. The play raises an existential question: in a world depleted of its fixed landmarks and saturated by storytelling and ideals, how can one step into adulthood?

Caught in a relentless flow, constantly interconnected and yet lonely, “generation Y” struggle with their own fantasies and strive to reach their full potential.


At first glance, Tim, Cassie, Mark and Rose are four archetypes taken directly from a TV series – the loser, the feminist, the golden boy and the new age airhead. They are struggling to follow through with the paths they have set for themselves. As their convictions waver, they must make a choice: sink deep into destructive selfishness or take a step back, grow up and open themselves to others.


On stage, the realistic relationships will be confronted to sounds, lights and a set that will distort this reality, transport us beyond the series and myths, somewhere between the naïve elation of youth and the abyss of Greek tragedy. 








London, generation Y


Rose has moved into Cassie’s flat.

Tim is crashing at Mark’s on the other side of town.


Rose thinks she’s dating Mark who has a crush on Cassie. Tim meets Rose and is crazy about her.


            Mark is fighting for cash

            Cassie is fighting patriarchy

            Rose is fighting evil

            And Tim fights to wake up in the morning.


Deep in the urban jungle, they are searching


            Tim is searching to belong

            Rose is searching for her soul mate

            Cassie is searching for equality

            And Mark is searching to get laid.


Basically, what they are really searching for is themselves.


These four young Londoners must come to terms with their doubts and contradictions in an urban paradigm that is ever so quick to shove it all under the carpet. This personal and universal journey turns mythical in a world where everything is subjective, where so many images transform our reality. 





a play by Penelope Skinner


director: Zoé Lemonnier

translator: Aurore Kahan 


with Aurore Kahan, Mélanie Peyre, Nicolas Schmitt, Pol Tronco


set design: Miguel Pelleterat

sound design: Alexandre Laillé

lighting design: Gillian Duda

video editor: Sarah Layani





April 17th to 30th: Rehearsal at ENSATT (Lyon)

May 3rd to May 6th: Rehearsal at Espace Dérives (Cie du Sisyphe Heureux) 

May 11th and 12th: first performances of Eigengrau at Confluences (Paris) 

May 15th to June 15th (Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed) : 20 performances at Manufacture des Abbesses (Paris)

June 4th: performance at Theatre 95 (publicly funded theatre dedicated to new writing), for the Jeune Creation Festival

Winter 2016: 6 performances in Levallois Perret. 




Why fund it?



We receive no public funding. In spite of this, we managed to collect four fifth of the budget with our own money and several charitable souls. With this we were able to pay:

- the upfront payment for the play

- the set

- the rehearsal spaces 

- wages and social contributions for our cast and crew (rehearsals and first dates)

- communication tools


With an extra 4000€, we could pay:

- Costumes: 500€

- Our PR lady: 1000€

- Further communication tools: 500€

- and we could also ensure part of the hire of the performance space: 2000€


Should your kindness extend further, we would be able to pay for a recording of the show to find more venues and put more money aside for the theatre.

10% of the donations over 4000€ will be donated to other projects on KissKissBankBank. We are shamelessly copying the “Kicking in forward” scheme made available on US crowdfunding platforms. Spread some love around, why the hell not?


Actress, director, translator (member of the Maison Antoine Vitez, international centre for drama translation). Aurore trains in London with Giles Foreman from the Drama Centre. She plays in various productions including Strindberg's Creditors, and The Other Side of the Wall, that will bring her to Western Sahara. She directed Bruckner's Pains of Youth...

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