Help classroom to connect for free thru remote telescope and address some scientific project


The project


Innovative astronomy outreach project for french or european classroom.


Web collaborative platform to connect teachers to remote telescopes available time.


Telescopes are setup at Baronnies Provençales Observatory supported by Europe, PACA Region and France.


Projects will be for up to 100 classrooms


Kissbankers will be associated to the whole operation

Why fund it?


Collect will finance all connexions for classroom (first in, first out). Collect will also finance promotion.


Every Kiss Banker will become operation's sponsor


Founder of French Innovative Astronomical Observatory & Web Based Observatory Integrator. We launch now this project to help students to discover how robotized telescopes can do science into the classroom.

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Qui soutien le projet ?

l'Observatoire astronomique des Baronnies Provençales