2 singers, 1 MC, 5 musicians, a mix of Hip-Hop, Soul and Jazz. Discover the band Electrophazz and contribute to their New Album !


The project



We are Electrophazz : a Jazz Beat band, mix of Jazz and beats of all kind rooted in Soul Music, Hip-Hop, World/Pop & Electro. Our mission: to make the audience travel within the Groove and a positive message.


Beyond being just a band, we became family over the years. Here are the members :

David, Yann, Tim, Jean-Alain, Antoine, Célia, Thaïs et NotaBene.


We've had the chance to play these last years on very nice stages including Jazz à Vienne, les Nuits du Sud, Jazz en Baie, Jazz à l'Evêché (Orleans Jazz), Jazz en Baie, Tournai Jazz Festival, Palais Nikaïa, Electro Jazz Festival de Megève, Transbordeur de Lyon, and many others.


The year 2015 brought us some nice surprises such as being nominated as Revelation of the Year by "All That Jazz" and being programmed alonside legends such as Maceo Parker or Kenny Garrett, being featured by french magazine "Jazz Magazine" or even being part of french radio Jazz Radio Playlist.


From the end of march 2016, we will be on tour all over France, to meet our fans and people who've been supporting us over the last years. And there's the new album....






We want to bring a new experience to our fans by putting them in an active position instead of a passive one, and by letting them come in our world and its creative process.


One of the main thing the band wants to higlights in his songs is Sharing and Crowdfunding allows just that. Our goal is to create an unique human experience who can make bonds and can go beyond the simple auditive side.


During next months, you'll have the opportunity to follow the evolution of the band, to share with the creation of the album, bring your reviews and see us direct live and share great moments with us.


This album will be a picture of who where are in 2016 (you + us of course). We want to take risks, try things, and push our limits and we're ready to pursue this vision. Crowdfunding is one of the coolest invention of last years and we're happy utilize it for this new album.




We want for this album, to keep that live sound which is one of our main signature but also put  emphasis to the production side. Without telling you too much, we are organizing the featurings, french and international ones. A nice casting that we are looking forward to share you in the future months.

Why fund it?

What we will do with the money:



- the recording (2000 euros) 2 sound engineers to pay in April

- the mixing (1500 euros) to pay in June

- the mastering of the album (500 euros) to pay in July

- online and offline promotion (1000 euros) to pay in August

- Sacem fees (1000 euros) to pay in August

- the services of a press agent (3000 euros) to pay in September

- the graphist who'll design the cover of the album and the visuals around it (1000 euros) to pay in September


If we make it beyond our goal, the extra amount of money will allow us to invest in video clips. 


The contributions will be paid directly to our association Phazz Production.




ELECTROPHAZZ // « Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop & Poetry » 2015, Electrophazz is awarded « All That Jazz Revelation of the Year » a tremendous achievement quickly followed by a recurrent rotation on nationwide Jazz Radio’s playlist. Since 2007, these eight musicians have been cultivating their shared passion : the Groove, an energy that makes you move and... See more

Newest comments

Félicitations pour le chemin déjà parcouru! Je suis toujours aussi fier de vous & de votre œuvre. C'est le moment de passer la 2nde... Votre musique vient du cœur et se doit maintenant de toucher le plus grand nombre. Positive vibrations
Salut Electrophazz! Continuer à nous apporter de la musique d'aussi bonne qualité, vous avez un très grand talent qu'il ne faut pas gâcher. Véro, votre bookeuse, m'a présenter votre premier EP l'année dernière au cours de sa formation que j’effectuai aussi, et depuis, ce cd ne me quitte plus. Je le connais tellement par coeur qu'il me sert désormais à caler mes systèmes en concert hehe. Bref, une petite participation à votre projet, en espérant que votre aventure continue aussi longtemps que possible, avec le plaisir de vous accueillir en concert! Bonne route à vous et que le groove continue!