Emy Taliana, From a single to an EP, do you believe in it?


The project

Welcome Everyone!


I’m Emy Taliana and I have a little question for you all….do you know how much it costs to make an album? No idea?..… Well, it’s 15000 euro minimum!!


I know that I can’t ask you 15000 euro – that is a lot of money!! But I can make you a promise - if TOGETHER we can reach 5000 euro, you will receive my new EP in your mailbox before 2017!!


To help you understand what this means - you will become a third party to the production of the EP. This is an important part to play in the production and, most of all, it is what will help us to find the rest of the funding. My promise to you is that if you believe in me – I will make this happen!


I am surrounded by positive energy, and I need you to add to this! We are going to work hand in hand in this wonderful adventure and I absolutely want to share this with you.




What is KissKissBankBank? For any contribution you make, you will receive some amazing gifts - signed copies of the EP, T-shirts, private shows in the studio, a selfie pack, an improvised karaoke, a studio session like a pro …… this list goes on! This is amazing right?


It means the world to me and I absolutely want you with me. You have been my support for so many years now - from my first album and during my tours in France. Thank you SO much for what you are doing, this is so encouraging for me and gives me the strength and power to carry on my music journey.


So this is it……this is now. I believe in it……my team believe in it……. do you believe in it? … Let’s build something beautiful together!!





Hubert Montoya (Studios de la Chine) :



Emmanuel Feyrabend (ingénieur du son):








Why fund it?

Let's build an amazing adventure together !!!


Never Give Up !





Emy Taliana

Emy débarque à Paris en 2009. Cela signe pour elle la concrétisation de sa passion pour la musique. Après un début de carrière et une notoriété grandissante en province (où elle a grandit), la capitale fut une nouvelle étape de sa vie et l’étincelle de son succès naissant. Cette réussite, elle la doit en partie à quelques rencontres avec des artistes... See more

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Coucou Emy, vivement que je puisses entendre ton nouvel album.
Superbe travail!! Continuez à nous en mettre plein les oreilles!! C'est vraiment génial!!
Love u Emyxx