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Projects supported in their acquisition strategy collect twice as much as others!


We'll help you create a personalized pre-launch page, including a registration form, send dedicated emailings to affinity targets, and manage advertising campaigns on our social networks (Facebook & Instagram).

For what type of project?

A project that reaches a large community, requiring broad targeting to increase the number of contributors.


Creative studio

Stand out from the crowd and assert your project's identity!


Our Studio can help you create personalized communication tools : presentation videos, packshots, web and social network advertising, photo portraits...

For what type of project?

A project that needs quality content to boost its visibility.



Welcome to La Maison de KissKiss&Co, a flexible, competitively-priced venue!


La Maison de KissKiss&Co welcomes you for: the launch of your project, the handover of your counterparty, the organization of a creator's market, a conference on your favorite subjects, a video shoot...

For what type of project?

All ! Whatever your project, create links with your community!


Improve your skills with LiveMentor!

KissKiss has teamed up with LiveMentor to offer you a free initial meeting and personalized support, whether in marketing strategy, customer development or social network subscriber acquisition. What's more, you'll also benefit from free training in self-confidence or public speaking: the choice is yours!

They put their trust in us


25% of the total amount raised by Biotyfood comes from KissKissBankBank's communication and acquisition activities.


Our creative studio created the campaign video for Wia, the natural mascara with its reusable brush.


Blast's Marioles filmed their first sketches at La Maison de KissKiss&Co!


The KissKissBankBank platform not only enabled me to launch a crowdfunding campaign to finance the first production run of the Wia refillable and customizable mascara, but also enabled me to find my first retailer thanks to the "La Beauté en Herbe" call for projects in partnership with Printemps.

By participating in this call for projects, I met Jean-Baptiste, who directed Wia's crowdfunding campaign video. He helped me optimize my storyboard and script, and together we shot the ideal campaign video.I was also able to organize a launch party at La Maison de KissKiss&Co, a really cool venue in the center of Paris.

Johanna B.

Founder of Wia, the natural mascara with its reusable & customizable brush.


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