Help for mentors

All the answers to your questions about crowdfunding

When you’re a creator

I’m a creator, can I contact a mentor?

No. You can get in touch with him once he decided to be your mentor, or once he follows your project. If a mentor picks your project, you should send him a message via internal messaging. Do not forget to thank him for supporting you, and give him some additionnal information about your project. In short, help him communicate on your collect! As you can see, the better your page is presented, the more chances you have to get a mentor!

Become a mentor

Who can become a mentor on KissKissBankBank?

Medias, insitutions, schools, associations or brands can become mentors to help projects on KissKissBankBank. Mentors also select the most creative and innovative projects among their members, students, readers or customers, to present them on KissKissBankBank. You can visit the mentors’ page here

How can I become a mentor on KissKissBankBank?

Go to the mentors page and click on “Become mentor”. To register, you will need a logo and a short blurb stating your activity and what motivated you to register as a mentor.

How can I become mentor of a project?

Once you’ve created your mentor account on KissKissBankBank, go on the page of the project you want to support and click on “Become mentor”. Your logo will appear on the column on the right.

As a mentor, what do I have to do?

A mentor chooses to support a project, mostly by promoting that project. A mentor might also give some advices to the creator during his collect.

How does a mentor select a project he wants to support?

The mentors choose, by themselves, and on the crowdfunding platform, the projects they want to support. They may choose to solely follow the project, or to become its mentor.

I’m a mentor. How do I communicate on a project I support?

You have many tools on a project page. On the left, you’ve got Twitter, Facebook or email tabs. You can also use the widget.