The Fundamentals

All the answers to your questions about crowdfunding

What is KissKissBankBank?

KissKissBankBank is a crowdfunding platform that helps you raise funds to accomplish your ideas and projects.

  • Our main interest is to create an alternative space dedicated to creativity, innovation, solidarity and entrepreneurship. If you have a vision and courage, if you are a creative, an artist, a humanist, an inventor, an explorer, a filmmaker, a journalist, a designer, an athlete or an environmentalist, your project belongs on KissKissBankBank.
  • Our second aim is to give the public the possibility to choose the ideas and projects that will shape the future, and to do so beyond mainstream trends.
  • KissKissBankBank thus gives Project Creators the opportunity to ask support from the public, their social networks, or friends, in a creative environment that legitimizes their action.
  • We also provide a legal and fiscal framework that brings trust and legitimacy between Creators and Contributors.
  • Moreover, we provide high-tech, yet easy to use, tools to both Creators and Contributors. These tools facilitate their exchanges about projects, and beyond KissKissBankBank.
  • KissKissBankBank invites you to participate to the groundbreaking changes the Internet is bringing to the spheres of creation and innovation. That is, the mutation of the relationship between Creators and their environment, caused by the consecration of an actor with a new role in this game: YOU.
What is crowdfunding?

The most famous crowdfunding example is the one of Barack Obama's 2012 U.S. presidential campaign, during which 150 million dollars were raised, online, by the public. What would have happened if, just like his opponent, Obama had lacked funds in the middle of his campaign? History may have been radically different. First event of its kind, it was not wealthy industries, but millions of people, that shaped the outcome of presidential elections. On average, each person gave Obama 80 dollars: thanks to that, an Afro-American candidate was brought to the White House for the first time in American history.

On another note and in the artistic world, John Cassavetes funded his first film, SHADOWS, thanks to contributions from his audience, as he claimed "Pledge a movie that resembles you" on several radio shows, in 1958!

Crowdfunding is thus a lever that allows the public to financially, yet collectively, sustain an appealing idea or project. KissKissBankBank aims at applying this model to all the ideas or projects it finds suitable.

Why contribute to this kind of project?

Your first motive must be the pleasure of bringing ideas and projects, that are meaningful to you, to life.

You can also be motivated by the idea of living the accomplishment of these projects from the inside.

Moreover, you will, of course, enjoy the rewards given by the creator, a.k.a the most direct impact of your financial contribution.

The 'All or Nothing' rule?

Any project must reach at least 100% of the target set by the project creator, in order to be granted the KissBankers' contributions.

So what if the target is not reached?

If unfortunately that happens, the KissBankers will be entirely and immediately reimbursed – no need for them to do anything for that procedure.

Is it comparable to a 'real' investment?

No. The Project Creators keep 100% of the intellectual property of their ideas. But most of the projects work on an exchange model: the Creators provide rewards in exchange of the contributions the KissBankers bring to the Project.

How does the reward system work?

Project Creators define the rewards they will provide in return for the contributions of the KissBankers. Those will be provided once the campaign has reached its target.

How do Mentorships work on KissKissBankBank?

Mentors are organizations, institutions, medias, brands which submit projects from their own communities (audience, members, etc).
They can also support projects on KissKissBankBank by providing funds or visibility to a project.

How is KissKissBankBank remunerated?

As a platform service between the Project Creators and the public, KissKissBankBank receives 5% of the funds raised (only if the campaign's target is reached). This commission is provided by the Project Creators. The secured transaction costs of 3% must be added to the commission of 5%, and that only if the campaign reaches its target. When the campaign does not reach its, all contributions are reimbursed, and, obvisouly, KissKissBankBank does not receive any commission.