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All the answers to your questions about crowdfunding

Launch a project

What types of projects are accepted on KissKissBankBank?

To be accepted, your project must fit into one of our creative categories. Also, it must have a well-defined, specific, purpose, such as: a book, a show, a web documentary, an exhibition, a video game, an application...

Some entrepreneurship projects are accepted, but they must address p2p or b2p services, and be innovative.

What kind of projects are rejected?

We reject personal projects (holidays, honeymoons, birthdays, financing of loans ...), as well as projects with no creative or innovative means.

Projects that correspond to our criteria of creativity and innovation, are only featured on our website if the credibility, the seriousness and the transparency of the project is clearly stated and demonstrated.

How do I start a campaign?

Follow the different steps indicated when you click "Launch your project.", on our homepage.

If your project is accepted, share your project page on Twitter and Facebook, send emails to your contacts to inform them of your approach. During the campaign, keep giving some news of your project by posting in the tab "News" of your page. Keep in touch with your backers (KissBankers) via our internal messaging.

Who can launch a project?

You must have at least 18 years old to submit a project in your own name and raise funds for your campaign on your bank account. If you are underaged, the bank details of your parents or guardians must appear on our website.

As we are now open internationally, you can launch a project on KissKissBankBank wherever you are, whatever your nationality.

Does launching a project on KissKissBankBank cost money ?

No, submitting a project is entirely free!

Is there a limit to the summ a campagne can ask for?

No, but we advise the project creator to define its collect's budget according to the needs of their projects. They must also take into account the size of their community, which is composed of their personal and professional networks, or of fans that are able to contribute.

Is there a rule for the duration of the campaign?

A KissKissBankBank campaign can last up to 90 days. You are free to set the number of days that you feel you need to reach your goal.

A very long campaign is not more likely to succeed than a shorter one. Actually, the sense of urgency caused by a short campaign can motivate contributions. The shortest campaigns are often the most dynamic, and are therefore more likely to achieve their goal! In fact, there is often a spike in activity at the beginning and the end of the campaign. We thus encourage you to communicate especially actively during these two key periods!

Can I use Paypal for my campaign?

The Paypal payment system is activated by default for projects collecting in $, £ and CAD$.

You must have a Paypal business account which's status is "verified".

Please keep in mind two key matters :

  • with Paypal you will not be able to raise more than 50 000 US$

  • there is a rate of payment lost with Paypal (10% on average), since payments are executed only at the end of the project, only in case of success. Accordingly, some Paypal accounts have not enough funds at this time, or the credit card linked to the Paypal account is expired.

  • this payment system is more expensive: KissKissBankBank's commission is 5% VAT included, however Paypal charges directly to the project creator there own commission of 3,4% + 0,25 € per transactions. It results in a total cost of 8,4% + 0,25 € per transaction for Paypal payments, while credit card payments cost a total of 8% VAT included.

Can I submit a project, whatever my nationality is?

Yes, the site is available in English and French for now, and we accept project from anywhere in the world.

Can I write my project in French and in another language?

The base of the site is available in French and English. You can select one of these two languages ​​in the top right navigation bar, by clicking on the French flag or the English flag.

If you want to write your project in two languages​​, be sure to do so before launching the project! The detailed description, synthesis, and the part "What will the campaign be for?" can be written in two languages​​. Write your project in French by clicking on "French" when you edit your project. Then edit it again, this time by clicking "English".

A user that chooses the English version of the site will see your project page in English (or another language in which you have written your project). He simply has to click on the French flag at the top right to view it in French.

What rewards can you offer for your campaign?

The rewards you come up with must be original, personalized and relevant to your project. To have better chances in convincing people to contribute to your project, offer a wide range of rewards. There must be rewards for everyone: those who have limited means and those who would like to give larger amounts. We advise you to offer 4 or 5 levels of counterparties between € 5 and € 100. Yet, do not hesitate to go beyond! The average basket is 55 euros. So remember to provide a reward equal to that amount! Last tip: to motivate people to give more, try to add up rewards of a level to another!

Examples :

5 € : an invitation to the exhibition 10 € : a card from the exhibition + previous reward 20 € : a signed poster from the exhibition + previous rewards 50 € : an invitation to the opening of the exhibition and a meeting with the artist + previous rewards

Are there banned rewards?

Yes. Such as: incentives to potential benefits, lottery ticketsfigurat, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, background or extra acting (disguised employment) ... anything that is not allowed by law.

Can I limit the number of rewards available?

Yes. Your rewards may be limited to one or as many items as you want! You are the one that defines how many items are available. However, do make sure that the total cost of your rewards adds up to your target's total.

When does the campaign start exactly?

The campaign starts from the moment you click "publish online" on your project page. You can do so once our team has accepted your project. Then, you can put it online when you wish.

The campaign does not start from the creation of the project page or the submission of the project on our platform.

How does the campaign work ?

How can I follow the activity around my project?

In your private dasboard, click on "My Projects" to land on your project page.

You will then see a header that lets you easily navigate. Thanks to that header, you can access the different sections by clicking on the buttons: dashboard, edit the project, post news, list of kissbankers, read the contract, or view your project page.

In addition, you will be notified by email when there will be activity on your collect. Think of publishing news regularly on your page to personally thank your new contributors (KissBankers) via the internal messaging system.

What is the purpose of the dashboard ?

The dashboard allows you to follow your campaign, using two graphs and a board:

  • On the chart "Campaign Progression", you can see the development of the amount collected, day by day.

  • The second graph, "Rewards distribution", gives you information about your rewards.

  • The board allows you to see how your KissBankers landed on your page (through Facebook, KissKissBankBank, search engines...)

How to thank new contributors (KissBankers)?

You can do this in two ways:

  • By posting in the "News" of your project and your message will be visible on your public page. All KissBankers and followers of your project receive a message notifying them that you posted a news.
  • By using the internal messaging system to write a more personal message. These messages are private and visible only by the person to whom you speak. To thank personally KissBankers, go on Kissbankers tab under the picture of your project, click on their name to go on their profile page, and then click "Send a message".
Can I change my project page once its launched?

Yes, but not all of the information.

You can change the description of your project as you wish (detailed description, summary, details of the amount to be collected, biography, title). However, you can not change the two main rules of the game: the amount and length of the campaign can not be modified once the campaing has started. The rewards can evolve only with the agreement of KissKissBankBank, under exceptional circumstances. You must inform your KissBankers of these changes. Be sure not to disappoint them. Remember that KissBankers can change their contributions from one project to another as long as the campaign is not ended.

Can a project creator delete his campaign before it ends?

Yes, but only with the agreement of KissKissBankBank. In this case, the KissBankers are immediately reimbursed.

Can the goal of the campaign be exceeded?

Yes. There is no maximum limit set. Do not hesitate to exceed this goal!

What happens if a project reaches its goal before its ending date?

The campaign keeps going until the end date initially determined, and can therefore exceed its original target. It will only be extra bonus to the project creator!

Can I get the amount of my campaign before it ends if I get to 100% of the target?

No. The amount of your collect will only be transfered from the moment your collect has ended, even if you have reached its target before d-day. However, if you hit 100% in advance, we encourage you try to exceed your target!

How to be included in KissKissBankBank's selection?

Our team regularly selects projects to feed "Our selection", which appears on our homepage. To be selected, there is no secret recipe! The choice depends on how many KissBankers you already have, on how advanced you collect is, and on how original your campaign is.

End of the campaign

Can I get the contact details of my KissBankers?

That information is made available once your campaign is successful.

Does my page remain visible on KissKissBankBank once the project is successful?

Yes. Your page is active. You can then continue to provide information under "News" or contact your KissBankers via internal messaging.

Can we see the project pages of failed campaigns?

Navigating on KissKissBankBank, by clicking on categories for example, does not grant access to pages of failed campaigns. The project page is only visible to the ones that have the project's URL, or that search its title with KissKissBankBank's research bar.


How are contributions transfered?

Depending on the location of the project and the currency used, money flows are handled and secured by the following:

  • Ingenico Financial Solutions for the campaigns based in the European zone and in Euros.
  • Stripe for the ones based in Canada
  • Paypal for the others

Contributions systematically transit through an e-wallet hosted by these payment providers. Obvisouly, all data is encrypted, and none appears on our website.

When the project reaches its goal, how does the project creator receive his money?

When the collect succeeds, its amount is directly transfered to the Project Creator's bank account, once all his supporting documents are validated, and after 5% (for KissKissBankBank) + 3% (for the payment service provider) of its amount has been deduced.

Are there any costs associated with financial transactions supported by the project creator?

Yes, the technical costs associated with encrypted and secure transactions represent 3% of the amount you've collected. These costs are deducted from the amount paid to the creators. They are charged to the holder of the project if the campaign is successful.

How long after the end of the campaign does the creator receive the collected amount ?

If the campaign is successful, you will receive your money within 10 business days after the end of the campaign.

Are payments on KissKissBankBank secure?

The payments are 100% secured by by our partner Ingenico, a world leader in the field. Contributions made by credit card systematically transit via Ingenico. The bank details of credit cards are encrypted by Ingenico and never appear on the site KissKissBankBank.

What is the Stripe payment solution?

The PayPal payment solution enables you to make campaigns outside Europe in US $, CAD $ or UK ₤. The Kissbankers can help with one of the following payment methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

To use PayPal, you must have a "verified" PayPal account (more explanation here). In this system, a Kissbanker's contribution is not charged until the project's target is reached, and shall be credited directly to your Paypal account, after deducting 5% commission plus VAT charges Paypal transaction amounting to 3.4% + € 0.25 per transaction.

Caution, transactions are only debited once the collection period is over, thus there is a risk that some contributions can not be validated (eg. if your Paypal accounts KissBankers are insufficiently supplied, or if the card bank related to it is so outdated or in opposition).

What is Stripe payment solution?

Stripe is the payment solution used if your campaign is based in Canada and if the currency is the Canadian Dollar. It allows the following payment methods:

  • Visa,
  • MasterCard ,
  • American Express,
  • JCB,
  • Discover
  • Diners Club.

When a campaign uses Stripe, contributions are only charged once the project's fundraising goal is reached, and are credited directly into your bank account after deducting the commission of 5 % tax to which are added transaction fees Stripe amounting to 2.9% + € 0.25 per transaction).

Caution, as transactions are only debited once the collection period is over, there is a risk that some contributions can not be validated (eg. if the credit card is expired or in opposition).


Does KissKissBankBank detain parts of copyrights, or intellectual property, of projects?

No, the Project Creator remains the owner of 100% of such rights. KissKissBankBank is solely a platform for creative projects. Neither "KissBankers" or KissKissBankBank are intended to become producers, or shareholders of projects.

Is there a tax system when Project Creators choose to provide goods and/or services on pre-sale as rewards?

Tax issues, on crowdfunding platforms like KissKissBankBank, and relating to projects that provide goods and/or services on pre-sale, have not yet been properly addressed by the relevant legislative authorities. In this context we invite companies interested in providing this kind of rewards to approach their accountant to approve the policy to apply for the inclusion of VAT.