All the answers to your questions about crowdfunding

Contribute to a project and manage your contribution

Is signing up on KissKissBankBank free?

Yes, you have free access to the website.

As a KissBanker, how can I help the project creator I support?

To promote projects that you support, several tools are available on our website. On the project page, use the flags to the left of the main picture of the project: that allows you to post the project on Facebook, on Twitter, or by e-mail. You can also use the project's widget to insert on your blog, or on your website.

Can I write to a project creator?

Yes, but only if you are have contributed to the project. To do so, visit the project page, and click on "Send a message", right above the project's cover picture. You can also write a comment at the bottom of the page project.

On KissKissBankBank can I contribute to several projects at the same time?

Yes. You can manage a "portfolio" of projects.

Can I participate anonymously to a project?

Yes, you can use a nickname when you create your account. You can also decide to hide the amount of your contribution.

Can I hide the amount of my contribution?

Yes, you can do so at checkout, by checking the box "I want to hide the amount of my contribution", situated next to the amount you type in.

How are we informed when the project that I support reaches its goal?

KissKissBankBank sends an alert email to all concerned KissBankers. The information will also be available via our Twitter and Facebook page.

Can I cancel my contributions?

You can edit or cancel your donation at anytime throughout the donation period, until its ending date, except in one case. During the donation period's last 24 hours, you cannot cancel your donation, to avoid that the project's collect fails to reach its fundraising goal.

Can I change the amount of my contribution?

Yes, but only before the end of the campaign. Go on the page project you backed and click on "Manage your contribution". Enter the amount you want to back for this project. Only of the difference between the two contributions will be debited.

For example :

You've already backed this project for 30€.
You would like to contribute for 50€ more.
Enter 80 euros when you click on "Manage your contribution".
Only 50 € will be debited.

Are the Terms of use I agree on when signing up on KissKissBankBank a contract between the project creator and me?

You have no direct contractual relationship with the Project Creators. The General Terms of Use only puts you iin relation with KissKissBankBank. However, we sign a specific contract with each project creator and for each project. By the way, the creators have the responsibility to deliver the rewards they promised on their page. KissKissBankBank declines any kind of responsibility on this matter.

Are my contributions like options or stock?

No. Contributions are considered as donations to the project creator. There is therefore no concept of sharing "intellectual property", or shareholding, or co-production.

Can I transfer my contributions from one project to another?

Yes, as long as the campaign has not ended, you can cancel your contribution and support another project.

When I support a project, what information is passed to the project creator?

Only your personal details (address, e-mail, phone) that the Project Creator needs to send you your rewards. Other information you provide is confidential, including your credit card information, that is encrypted with Paybox.

What is a wallet from Ingenico Payment Solution?

Ingenico is our eletronic money solution for any collect based in Europe, with all transactions in Euros. It allows you to make your contributions with the following means of payment:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Bancontact / Mister Cash
  • iDEAL
  • Giropay
  • Sofort

When you make a contribution for the first time, an electronic Ingenico wallet is automatically created and credited with the amount of your contribution. If the collect reaches its goal, the funds are then transfered to the project creator's Ingenico wallet and then on his or her bank account, after a deduction of 8% including VAT (5% for KissKissBankBank and 3% for transaction fees).

If the campaign does not reach its goal, the funds are entirely reimbursed on your bank account, without any fees. During the process, KissKissBankBank verifies and validates the transaction match. However, the funds never transit through KissKissBankBank bank account.

What is Paypal payment solution?

Paypal is the payment solution used for campaigns located outside Europe, in US $, CAD $, or in UK ₤. It allows you to contribute to a project through your Paypal account or through your Visa credit card, MasterCard, or American Express. When the Paypal system is active, you are debited only when the campaign goal is reached. The funds are then directly credited on your Paypal account, after deduction of KissKissBankBank fees.

What is Stripe payment solution?

Stripe is the payment solution when the campaigns are based in Canada in Canadian dollar. It allows you to contribute through your Visa credit card, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club. When a campaign uses Stripe, the contribution is debited only when the campaign goal is reached, and is directly credited to the project creator bank account, after the deduction of 8* VAT included (5% for KissKissBankBank and 3% for the transaction fees).

Can I back a project with Paypal?

You can back a project using Paypal only if the campaign is in US$, in £ or in CAD$.

With Paypal you are limited to a maximum of 4 payments on one campaign. Your total pledge can't be over 2000 US$.

You will be charged only if the project owner meets his target.

How does a crowdfunding campaign work ?

How to know if a project creator is reliable?

We check their reliability as best as we can before submitting their projects on the site. In addition, we are dealing with artists, creators, innovators seeking notoriety. If abuses were to occur, we would immediately delete the involved projects, and their reputation would be severely damaged. We thus assume that the vast majority of Project CReators will meet its commitments. Today, two years after our launch, we still have no complaints to report. Keep in mind that crowdfunding is about building a community including friends and family around a project – and this is the best guarantee against any form of abuse.

What happens if a project reaches its goal before the deadline?

The campaign keeps going until the deadline, meaning its original target can be exceeded. Which is extra bonus to the project creator!

What happens if the target is not reached at the end of the campaign?

The campaign is thus not successful. The contributors (KissBankers) are fully reimbursed for their contributions.

It can be the starting point of a new stage for the project creator. It gives them the energy to develop their ideas and projects through other means than crowdfunding.

Are all contents available on KissKissBankBank legal?

Yes, they are provided to us by the creators of the projects themselves. It is their responsibility to ensure that all content is royalty free.


Are payments on KissKissBankBank secure?

Your payments are 100% secured by our partner Ingenico Payment Solutions, a world leader in the field. Your contributions made by credit card transit systematically via Ingenico. The bank details of your credit card are encrypted by Ingenico and never appear on the site KissKissBankBank.

Can I deduct my contribution from my taxes?

Unfortunately not, except when the creator of the project is a organism of general interest/public utility. In this case, it will be explained on the project page. In that case, it is the creators’ responsibility to send the appropriate paperwork to their KissBankers.

Follow a project

How to follow a project?

Please go to the project page you wish to follow, and click on "Follow the project" above the cover picture of the project. It will then appear on your profile, in "projects followed", under the tab "My Projects". To stop following a project, click on "Unsubscribe".

What happens when you follow a project?

You will receive news about this project, information provided by the project creator during the campaign. You can stop following this project by clicking "unsubscribe" at anytime.