Filling your project page

How to run a successful campaign?

Main information

Setting your campaign goal

Before setting your funding goal, keep in mind that your campaign will follow an all or nothing rule:

If you reach or exceed your goal, you will receive the collected funds. However if your goal is not reached by the end of the campaign, your KissBankers (contributors) will be automatically refunded. Choosing the correct goal for your project is THE key starting point.

To set your goal, make a budget of all the costs related to your project. Be precise, transparent, and include only the bare minimum – keep in mind that you can always exceed your goal.

For example: Joe makes a campaign to raise funds for his short film; he needs:

  • €800 to rent a camera for one week
  • €1200 for sound and light gear
  • €1000 for the set and costumes
  • €1000 for post-production
  • €4000 is thus the minimum amount Joe needs to produce his movie.

You might want to know that the average pledge on KissKissBankBank is around €55. Think of the number of KissBankers you will need to mobilize to reach your goal.

Take your time when setting your goal. Once your project is online, you will not be able to change the amount or the duration of your campaign!

Setting the duration of your campaign

You will have to build a community of people around your project to get their support. Give yourself time to reach your goal, but avoid making your campaign last too long.

A longer campaign is not necessarily better: a feeling of urgency will help you motivate your KissBankers. In most cases, campaigns record peaks of activity at their beginning and close to their end.

You can set your campaign on KissKissBankBank to last at most 60 days.

Keep in mind that once your campaign is started, you cannot change its goal or duration!


Detailed presentation of your project

This is the part that will give the most information about your project. You should explain its birth, your reasons for running a campaign, and what will happen once you reach your goal. Try to answer these questions: Who? What? How? Where? Why?

This is the story of your project, take time to tweak it and tell it well!

Remember to illustrate this page with images, photographs, videos or sounds. This part will help you make your project credible and arouse interest among people you do not know.

Explaining the purpose of your campaign

You will have to be transparent and consistent. Getting support from people around you and the public is not an easy task.

Make a budget of your costs, be clear and precise, and also mention what you will do if you exceed your goal.

Catch phrase

This summary is limited to 140 characters. This is the first thing that people will read. Be clear and make sure it will be a real call to action! Explain the nature of your project (short film, exhibition, book, comics, web-documentary, theater play, mobile application, video game, etc.) in this sentence. Half of the visitors will only read this text.


Choosing the right picture for your project

Pick a nice picture and insert the title of your project with a pretty font. Keep in mind that this picture will represent your project once exported on social networks or elsewhere on the web.

Choose a high-quality image to avoid pixelation. The recommended format is 620x376 pixels. You can upload JPEG, PNG or GIF images of at most 5 MBs.

Write the title of your project legibly. You can also add the name of the author - "presented by XXX". If you do not have any tool to edit your project picture, you can use an online editor such as Pixlr.

Making a video

If you want to improve your project page even more, invest some time to record a video presentation. Make a short video, under 2 minutes, and keep the longer videos for the detailed project presentation.

Explain your project and why you are raising funds. Do not forget to mention the rewards you provide, and put forward the most original ones. Run your campaign like a show.

Be yourself, and feel free to have fun with the universe of your project! Tell your future KissBankers how lucky they are to share with you the birth of your project.

Show enthusiasm and ambition and your KissBankers will be happy to share your project within their own networks.

If making a video seems a bit difficult, you can use Stupeflix to create a slideshow with pictures in a video format.

Offering interesting rewards

Deciding what to offer

Your rewards symbolize the link you weave with each of your KissBankers.

They should be as original as possible, personalized and relevant to your project. Offer your KissBankers experiences, memories; something they will not find anywhere else!

Put forward a symbol of your project or a flagship object.

If you make a short film or documentary, offer an autographed DVD and an invitation to the projection of the film preview. If you record an album, offer signed CDs or a collector vinyl record! If you set up an exhibition, offer free entries and numbered prints!

Then, order your rewards and price them according to their value and availability. At what reward price are you willing to organize a private screening, write a song for someone, or give a unique prototype?

Learn from successful projects on KissKissBankBank!

A couple of tips:

  • Spread the rewards: offer a reward with a fairly low price, 1 or 5 euros, and finish with higher prices! This will allow everyone to support your project.
  • Between 1 and 100 euros, try to offer 4 or 5 reward levels. Feel free to suggest rewards for larger amounts; 200 euros, 500 euros, 1000 euros or more.
  • When possible, try to add up rewards from one level to the next one:

For example:

  • 5€: an invitation to the exhibition
  • 10€: a card from the exhibition + previous reward
  • 20€: a signed poster from the exhibition + previous rewards
  • 50€: an invitation to the opening of the exhibition and a meeting with the artist + previous rewards

Pricing your rewards

You must find a balance between the costs of the rewards (manufacturing, shipping) and the value perceived by your prospective KissBanker. Focus on offering personalized and emotional rewards rather than expensive items!

To help you a bit, here's a list of DOs/ DON'Ts.

DO ☺

  • A signed DVD of my short film for €15
  • An autographed CD of my new album for €10
  • A signed copy of my comic book for €15
  • A high-quality black and white print for €100


  • A DVD of my short film for €50
  • My new CD album for 30€
  • A comic book for €100

Take time to walk through the site and get inspiration from other successful projects.

Can we limit the number of available rewards?

Yes. You can set a single reward to have a single or a limited number of available items.

Which rewards are prohibited?

Incentive to potential benefits, lottery, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, background acting (concealed employment), and anything prohibited by law.

Your biography

Talking about oneself can be difficult, but the KissBankers must get to know you before helping you. You will earn their trust by giving information about you, your background or prior work.

If you have a website or a blog, it's time to share it!