Promoting your project efficiently

How to run a successful campaign?

Promoting your project efficiently

Your community

Your aim is to hit the sensitive string of as many people as possible to succeed in your campaign.

Start by reaching out to your close friends and family. If they do not support you, why would an unknown visitor do? By getting support from your first circle, you will reach your second circle, and create buzz for your third circle.

It is similar to getting the world know a video hosted on Vimeo or YouTube. If your friends have not seen it, how would other people discover it? Going viral is not always a coincidence, and there often is a methodic strategy behind viral videos.

Your network

(family, friends, colleagues...)


(The friends of your friends)

The public

(They share your passion)

1- Your own network

Always start by getting support from your close friends and family. Whether they contribute financially or not, their energy and networks will be helpful all along your campaign. More often than not, this first circle of people is enough to reach the goal for small projects.

2- Relays

They are not as close to you as your first circle, but they are more numerous. This second circle will play a key role in the success of your campaign, but you will only reach them once you have the support of your own network.

3- The public

People you do not know will not support your project out of the blue. You will need to find the right method to widen the reach of your campaign.

To reach the public, you should contact bloggers and media close to your interests. Do it at the right time! They will only cover your project once your campaign has already gathered a few pledges. Success brings success!

Do not try rushing your campaign. Getting the support of each circle will allow you to reach the next one. Then, maybe one of the mentors of the KissKissBankBank network will be interested in relaying your project to its audience!

The things to do

Third Circle
The public
Second Circle
First Circle
Your network

Announce the start of your campaign on social networks and send group mails to your First Circle

Think of some categories in your First Circle contact base to send appropriate group emails

Contact each people in your First Circle who don't support you yet and ask your close friends to relay your project with the same method

Keep posting news on social networks and by sending group emails to all your contacts in the Second Circle

Think of some categories in your Second Circle to send appropriate group messages

Now is the moment to be creative: invite your community to an event where you provide laptops featuring your campaign; get into Guerrilla Marketing in your city

Contact all the bloggers close to your universe so that they direct their own audience to your campaign

Contact the journalists specialized in your universe and ask them to indicate your campaign to their audience

Write to all your contributors and ask them to relay the project in their own networks.

Explain to everybody how the project could become more ambitious if more money was contributed and keep mentioning the rewards still available

Using the right tools


Facebook is for most of us the social network through which we connect to our first and second circles. We suggest creating a page dedicated to your project and running it in parallel to your newsfeed on KissKissBankBank.


Twitter is a very efficient tool for getting the support of your second circle, influential people, and then the public. However, one message will hardly make you reach your goal. You will need to tweet on a regular basis to really help your campaign.


Sending emails is the most efficient method to reach your first circle. Start by writing to your whole community. In a second step, send group mails to small networks of people who know each other. This allows you to send more targeted and personal messages. Later in your campaign, it will be easier to reach directly to your contacts one after the other.

Your blog

Do you have a blog? Does it have a regular audience? Make your project known to your readers, they will support your project.


Bloggers appreciate the energy of collaborative fundraising and the Do It Yourself spirit! Contact those who may have an interest in your project to have it featured to their audience. Feel free to offer them some of your project rewards for their help. You will get coverage from bloggers more easily once your project has already gathered some funding.

The press

Journalists usually relay projects once they are successful. That being said, you can never predict the sudden fondness of a journalist for your project! As with bloggers, contacting journalists will work better once your campaign is already on its tracks.

Offline events

Be creative, and move your campaign outside Internet. Get the members of your community around a drink and tell them about your project and your campaign. Put posters all over the walls of your neighborhood! Leave flyers in your favorite places! Have fun! Be creative! Only you can come up with the best ideas for your campaign.


The phone can be very helpful for a crowdfunding campaign! It is actually the best and most personal way to directly speak to people around you about your project.


Average contribution from a KissBanker:


You can estimate the number of people you will need to reach by dividing your funding goal by this number.

Success rates:

54% of the projects are successful.

88% of the projects reaching 20% of their goal are successful.

97% of the projects reaching 40% of their goal are successful.

99% of the projects reaching 60% of their goal are successful.

Getting organized

Be steady. Making progress in your campaign takes a bit of your time every day.

Try reaching your community even before you start your campaign. Make your messages as personal as possible when speaking to the groups that constitute your networks.

It is sometimes easy to slow down after an intense start: keep working regularly all along your campaign. Take each week as an opportunity to give news about your campaign and your project in your newsfeed.

It may also be very helpful to have a campaign team. Get help from everyone taking part in your project. Identify the most influential people in your community to make your project known to the world. You will see that most people will enjoy getting involved.