Keeping your campaign dynamic

How to run a successful campaign?

Project updates

You have a News tab on your project page where you can post updates during or after your campaign.

Keeping your KissBankers informed of your progress is a great way to gain momentum for your project. You may be followed by unsure users who will want to know more before supporting your project, and posting updates will also help you convince them.

All your KissBankers and followers will be notified by email of each new post.

Internal messaging

For more personalized discussions, you can use our internal messaging system to thank KissBankers or ask them to spread the word about your project.

Project FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you expect specific or important questions about your project, you can write down the answers in the FAQ section of your project page.

Our users will be able to click through your list of questions and learn more about your project.