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Anything Whatsoever

<p>Dear friend,</p> <p>To imagine ourselves in the future - We must imagine a newly emanating world.&nbsp;We are caught in old fashioned ways of seeing the world. Compagnie Katie Ward asks -&nbsp;how can we regenerate our imaginations and create new futures?<br /> <br /> Let your imaginations guide you and participate in propelling this kind of contemporary dance forward &ndash; the kind that is&nbsp;engaged in these questions.&nbsp;</p> <p>Spring 2020 will be a busy period for CKW. March and April 2020 will be devoted to the development and finalization of the solo Anything Whatsoever.</p> <p>A &quot;dream room&quot; will be created for the spectator where it is possible to contemplate and access A-Ha! moments, moments of realization and insight. The public is invited to contribute to the work, by using their imaginations and &nbsp;following scores that ask them to speak. This dialogue btween dance and spoken words creates and underlines a present centered awareness in all participants. &nbsp;</p> <p>Supporting CKW means participating in the development of its creations, produced with an eco-responsible ethic. Thanks to your donation, you will contribute to:</p> <p>- <strong>Research and creation&nbsp;of the new solo called&nbsp;<em>Anything Whatsoever</em></strong>&nbsp;which will be in developed during a technical residency at La Rotonde (Quebec City) and presented in Great Britain and in the Netherlands.</p> <p>-&nbsp;<strong>Network development</strong>&nbsp;of CKW.&nbsp;Supporting CKW&#39;s network means participating in the growth of the company&rsquo;s creations, both in Montreal (FTA, La Chapelle Sc&egrave;nes Contemporaines, Tangente), elsewhere in Canada (Festival of New Dance, La Rotonde, Fluid Festival, Kinetic Studio) and internationally (Festival Via, and Maison des Arts de Cr&eacute;teil - (France), Dance4 (United Kingdom), Saari residency (Finland) Dansateliers (Netherlands).</p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" />Dancers: Audr&eacute;e Juteau, Nathan Yaff, Dany Desjardins Kelly Keenan<br /> Photo Svetla Atanasova</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Compagnie Katie Ward (CKW)</strong> creates, produces and presents the choreographic projects of artistic director Katie Ward. CKW&rsquo;s work examines the endless loop between imagination and reality. Her performance scores are works that index reality, establishing conditions to disrupt the way we see it so that so that our relationship with it can be rethought.</p> <p>CKW&#39;s mandate is characterized by reasonable, ethical and fair production and creation practices and a philosophy that promotes diversity in all its manifestations. CKW is also committed to contributing to the development of the field of contemporary dance by providing a structure to develop experimental and multidisciplinary work of Katie Ward, and associated artists.</p> <p>CKW creates and hosts performance events ranging from contemporary dance to performance installations, including performances. CKW also organizes and hosts workshops, residencies and practice sharing events where practitioners and the public can discuss what dance is as well as what it can do. In these events, reflection, interest, imagination and curiosity, risk-taking and diversity in all its manifestations are encouraged.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>This fundraising campaign will help Compagnie Katie Ward to offset operating costs for the season. The funds will go to studio rental, transportation, rehearsal time, research materials and living expenses.</p> <p>This campaign is important for the company, as it helps support CKW&#39;s role in the dance community as a company dedicated to experimenting and developing new forms of performance, both at the local level and internationally!</p> <p>Founded in 2011 - CKW is committed to fostering the development of new contemporary dance and performance experiments, as well as community-public interaction and dance literacy at the local, national and international levels. Through ethical and creative practices - and a philosophy that promotes diversity of experience and perspective - CKW supports Katie Ward&#39;s experimental and multidisciplinary work and contributes to the field of practice of contemporary dance.</p> <p>CKW is pooling resources for this exciting year of discovery, creation and development. To do this, the company has a fundraising goal of $ 2,000, and we invite you to join us in achieving this goal. If you want to contribute towards the realization of our projects, participate in our online Kiss Kiss Bank Bank campaign by making a contribution and spreading the word to your friends.</p> <p>Thank you from team CKW!!</p>




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Series of 3 Prints & Thank you (photos of Anything Whatsoever) sent by mail. and 1 hour of live or skype coaching for imagination exercises related to the body.

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