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Tuesday, October 02, 2012
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Quirky and voguish; retro and cutting-edge; dissident and conventional, PERT is the new events platform that brings you an opportunity to discover a medley of the most remarkable events and happenings around you.

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a PERTfest

The first event hosted under the PERT umbrella will be a massive Showcase. This will be a chance to show exactly what the platform does, and to highlight the focus we place on building relationships not just with members of CAN, but with artists, partners and supporters as well. 

The Exhibition will feature the talents of amazing people from each of the 4 creative branches of the Collaborative Arts Network - Art & Design, Multimedia, Performance and Web & Digital.

We ask that the creative output from the participating artists be engaging, whether showing collaboration with another talent or interacting with the audience. Whilst it’s primarily an exhibition, it will also host a series of workshops and events throughout the day.


These are a selection of the artists who will be participating in the event;

Grassgrass - Art Direction - http://www.grassgrass.org/

Cover Photos | Facebook

Miles Probyn - DJ - http://www.orlandoboom.net/



Daniel Sequeira - Illustration - http://cargocollective.com/sequeira-art


Tazar Sancho - Music Artist - http://shadezthemisfit.co.uk/

Profile Pictures | Facebook

Aimee Winston - Graphic Design - http://www.aimeewinston.co.uk/


Bruno Zamborlin - Interactive Design - http://www.brunozamborlin.com


Jade Spranklen - Illustration - http://www.spranklen.com/




This project is powered by CAN.


Our mission is to excite creative professionals about the prospects of choosing collaboration as a mode of pursuit of professional development.

CAN is not only a team, CAN is a fully-qualified creative army.  We Are CAN

Allocation of funds

We identified a lack of communication as the obstacle preventing creative individuals from doing what they love. We Are CAN is the positive reaction to this realisation. We seek to manufacture opportunity by establishing a network that will create it.

The funds generated in this campaign will be put towards the production of the event - from venue hire to promotional materials. This event will provide a platform for the artists mentioned, and more, to promote themselves and showcase their talents.

Some of the funds will also go towards the artists themselves - if we can provide a budget for their contributions then they will be able to create bigger and better pieces to show.

The more we raise, the more we can really promote the event and include campaigns for specific artists, provide a catalogue for guests to take away with them and publicise it with videos, and across social media and published press.

In an industry that is already over-populated, all creative individuals are looking for an outlet that will push them to the forefront and help them get noticed. This PERT event is that outlet.  


All backers will get a special mention at the event.

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