Help Daumy pay for her music video !

Back my projet of shooting a music video !

Project visual Help Daumy pay for her music video !
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Help Daumy pay for her music video !

My first EP "Montagnes Russes" is out this Friday 19th March, available on every streaming plateform. This aim of the projet is to help me fund the music video of the song "Montagnes Russes"  !

After an Open mic in France in 2018, I realised that I wanted to make music and CREATE my own songs. I want to move people, reassure them and my definition of SUCCESS is when my songs help people somehow. The EP is in French but in my songs, I talk about messy relationships mainly with a SOFT and moving voice.

The music video of "Montagnes Russes" (Rollercoaster), will by MYSTERIOUS, symbolic and COLOURFUL. No need to speak French to get in my little world. There will be CLOUDS, mugs going up and down and breaking into colourful PIGMENTS, the symbol of my EMOTIONS.

Allocation of funds

How much ?

The money will be used for the following :

- the creation of the storytelling

- the place where we're going to shoot it

- the shooting

- the editing

- some animation effects

To cover the costs, I need around 2000 euros.

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