ALLEGRARTE: the (online) gallery where artists take on a central role!  


The project

ALLEGRARTE is an online art gallery ( constituted under the legal form of an (international) non-profit association (under Belgian law).

By means of the sales of the finest artworks produced by talented artists on our website, my business partner, Marc, and myself, Dominique, founders of the project have the intention to reinvest the proceeds of the sales in the organisation of events, meetings with artists, exhibitions and visits of artist’s workshops.


Our main goal is to promote talented artists and their works by promoting them and rendering them more accessible to the public.

As an (international) non-profit association ALLEGRARTE is a purely private initiative that doesn't benefit from subsidies or any forms of governmental support. In other words, the platform wouldn’t exist today without our own financial resources and people like us, passionate by art who strongly believe in the power of art and creativity.

Feeling like supporting artists and their works? Feeling like meeting new artists who are relatively unknown? Feeling like discovering surprising and original artworks? Then you will find what you are looking for at ALLEGRARTE!

ALLEGRARTE offers you a unique chance to buy a fine artwork at a reasonable price by providing you with all the “classical” guarantees you get when buying an artwork at a physical gallery (certificate of authenticity, an artwork validated by an expert, and free return guarantee within 14 days after delivery). Furthermore, you get all the benefits typical for an online shopping experience, such as a secure payment, an immediate order confirmation and fast, secured home delivery of your acquired artwork. Whether you are an art amateur or an art collector you benefit from the same guarantees! 

ALLEGRARTE for artists

Artists often lead a solitary life, and building a network is difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, they don't always get the opportunity to show or to sell their work. This is an issue because nobody can live on art and creativity alone.

Feedback from the public and a financial income are crucial for artists. Without this an artist cannot progress or continue to create.

This where ALLEGRARTE comes in. By providing an artist with means to create visibility for their works and interacting with the public, ALLEGRARTE wants to help artists to develop their career and to make progress.


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Why fund it?

Why to fund our exhibition?

An exhibition is the most important yet the most expensive way to support an artist.

By physically exhibiting the artworks currently for sale on our website, we want to stimulate the interaction between the artists and their public. All proceeds of the exhibition will be reinvested in future events in relation to contemporary art (participation in art fairs, visits of artists’ workshops, exhibitions,...).

The exhibition will also be the opportunity to launch and to make promotion for our e-commerce site containing already a large number of fine art works for sale.

Curious about our website? Go and have a look yourself! And start your own private exhibition right now on !

The exhibition will take place in in Brussels at the Louizalaan from October 26th until December 3rd. It will be launched by a “VIP pre-vernissage” on Wednesday October 25th and concluded by a “finissage” on Sunday December 3rd. From Thursday 26th October (vernissage) on , the exhibition will be open to the public for about a month (opening hours: 11am-7pm, except Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays).

The budget for the exhibition isn’t exactly small, but as an art lover, you probably know how much an exhibition costs.

If you don’t, please have a look at the breakdown of our budget below that shows the detail of the 15.000€ we are looking for:

·         Production costs (installation, set up, removal, lightening, workers‘fees,...): 1500 €

·         Costs of a full-time administrative assistant to prepare the exhibition: 5000 €

·         Press agency fee: 3500 €

·         Graphic design costs (invitations, stamps, prints, signalisation,…): 1500 €

·         External supplier costs (transportation, catering, frames, drinks,...): 2000 €

·         Costs of two to three security and surveillance employees to safeguard and monitor            the exhibition location during more than 4 weeks: 1500 €

KissKissBankBank allows you to donate small sums, large sums and everything in between, but keep in mind that you will receive a lithography in return for a donation as low as 25 EUR!

ATTENTION: the more money you donate the more important the value will be of the artwork you will receive as a reward. The value of an artwork is determined on basis of its dimensions, the reputation of the artist and the number of copies (for instance all the lithographs are printed in 60 copies, the original artworks are unique and they exist only in one single copy).



IMPORTANT INFORMATION: the artworks that are offered as a reward during the crowdfunding campaign must be collected on-site preferably during the time of the exhibition or at a later date (to be agreed). They will not be shipped.

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From law into arts: the people behind ALLEGRARTE Who are the brains behind ALLEGRARTE? Myself – Dominique – founder, and Marc, co-founder. We both have a legal background but our real passion is contemporary art. Thanks to ALLEGRARTE we have finally found a means to live our passion! But passion alone is not enough. Of course we are aware of that.... See more

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