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Sunday, July 15, 2012
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A.S.A.T.- Anti-Supernatural Assault Team is a horror, adventure, action book with a lot of suspension and plot twists. I'm raising money to help my book meet the day light and reach thousands of people all over the world.


Give what I want

Give the amount of your choice, without any rewards.

For €10 and more

For at least 10 euro, you will get a copy of the book and your name in the credits.

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For €75 and more

For the amount of minimum 75 euro, you will get not only the book itself, but also your name as a character in book 2 and 3. Furthermore, you can get your product or a company mentioned in both books.

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For €150 and more

For such an ammount I'm willing to update the two previous rewards by making your product as a regular item in my books.

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