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Help us get to Katsikas refugee camp to bond with the refugees and bring our experience in the domain of social art

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Artistes de l'exil

About the project



In October 2016, a team of writers, photographers, illustrators and animators of the Medex (Ephemeral Museum of Exile) visited the Katsikas camp in north-western Greece. Even though it was short-lived (less than a week), the little time spent there was enough to understand how useful we can be in such an environment.


We initially made contact with camp residents and conducted a variety of activities and workshops with the cooperation of independent volunteers who operate the camp. Particularly with Giovanni Fontana, the coordinator of the camp, and the German NGO 'Soup and Socks' which manages the Fab-Lab (support and creation center) which is just outside the camp.






During these few days, we have forged ties with the camp residents, mainly children and young teenagers, through creative activities such as painting, poetry ... We even made some beautiful colourful kites! The experience was so satisfying that we want to go back to the camp, but this time for a longer period. We plan to go there for a month: from January 4th to February 4th, 2017. We will have time to do a lot of activities and, above all, to establish deeper links with the residents of the camp.


The outcome of this project will be:

- The exhibition and publication of the works made with the residents of the camp of Katsikas

- A series of conferences and events on the theme of migration, integration and(s) art to be held in Brussels and Paris


Our goals  

- To organize daily workshops and activities with the kids of the camp;

- To integrate adults in a long-term activity plan, with the goal of having a final product such as a booklet, a short movie and/or an exhibition, good for raising awareness to a larger public on the theme of migration;

- To support the work of Soup and Socks, the German NGO that provides daily activities to the residents of the camp




a) Activities with kids

Working with kids is one of the most challenging, yet interesting things. It is certainly easier to earn kids’ trust and to influence them. Hence, it is important to be extremely careful whenever organizing activities. The main activities will be done using and stimulating their creativity, always focusing on the very cooperation between children and the non-marginalisation of any.


b) Activities with adults

Engaging adults takes more time and requires a greater effort. The trusting process is prolonged and long-term activities are required to give a sense of concreteness to the inhabitants. Activities such as creative writing, poetry, music, photography or video-making can be more stimulating for adults, who have a lower agency and a more passive approach to their time, due to the procedure process: they cannot work and, above all, they do not have any near perspective and no trust in Europe’s help. Our goal is to create a space where they can express themselves, talking or write knowing that there is going to be somebody who will listen and read.






About us


The MEDEX (Ephemeral Museum of Exile) is a Belgian NGO that mainly operates on the integration of the asylum seeker using art as active device (poetry, illustration, performances) and self-expression. Created in 2014, our aim is to create a network and establish a certain extent of trust with the newly arrived in Brussels, helping them to better integrate in the local society through the use of art. Visit us at:


Art Without Borders (AWB) is a collective born in 2016 of artists working on social issues. The whole work of AWB has been founded on the idea to bring together people with similar social and artistic sensibilities, looking to dedicate their time and talent, in order to create artworks around social and humanitarian issues. Visit us at:


Jungleye  The Jungleye association is a participatory photography project founded in November 2015 by the photographer Séverine Sajous and the architect Julie Brun, in the Calais refugee camp in France nicknamed "La Jungle". Through the playful learning of photography, migrants "reveal" their own experiences. These touching, hard, fun, even comical photographs are made into postcards, each commented by his photographer. This double narration allows them, a little bit, to unload their emotions and to reveal the marginalized look that they carry on the world. This "migratory" support dedramatizes the exile by giving it an ironic "touristy" touch. The postcards, nicknamed "Wish we weren't here", recreate a visual memory of their life’s journey. In a socio-political context that is sensitive to migration issues, these cards make it possible to take a first step towards the Other, at a distance, like a correspondence. In March 2016, Jungleye migrated from Calais to the Zweibrücken refugee camp in Germany. The postcards that are made there echo those made in jungle: here, "We have lot of work", "We are warm". A dialogue between people - whether migrating or not - through postcards hatched. To retrace this transitive memory of exile from Europe back to the countries of origin is then obvious. From June to August 2016, Jungleye travels between Greece and Lebanon. Our next objective: to catch a glimpse of the evolution of hopes, expectations, frustrations, and imaginaries in (de)construction.

Visit us at :










Allocation of funds

And what is your part in all this? We call for your generosity:


To ensure housing

Greece rent prices are on average between 5 and 10 euro per person - per day, so we will employ a part of our collection to pay for the accommodation in a shared flat  


To finance the travel of the participants


The cost for each person will be around 100/150 € for each participant (flight + luggage) 2. To ensure housing Greece rent prices are on average between 5 and 10 euro per person - per day, so we will employ a part of our collection to pay for the accommodation in a shared flat  


To carry our Museum all over Europe


After our project will be carried out, we will start to take our temporary museum in several places, as we already did for our previous exhibition; 4. To publish a collection of illustrated poems  The last act of our work will be to create a collection of poems and artworks made during our stay in Greece. This collection will be at the same time a catalogue of the related exhibitions. To know more about it, take a look to our previous booklet:




Travel: 150 X 11

Accommodation: 500 X2

Materials for the creative workshop (notebook, pen, brushes, colors, papers, etc.): 1000

Recording equipment: 300

Travel and food: 200


Choose your reward


Un grand merci + des stickers remis en main propres de Medex + AWB
  • 1 backer
  • Estimated delivery January 2017


Des pins AWB/Medex + des stickers Medex + des cartes postales AWB/Medex
  • 1 backer
  • Estimated delivery January 2017


Les contreparties précédentes + un poème personnalisé
  • 9 backers
  • Estimated delivery January 2017


un poème avec une illustration monotype sur le thème de votre choix
  • 4 backers


Les contreparties précédente + Le recueil de poèmes et d'illustrations issu du travail précédent du Medex
  • 8 backers
  • Estimated delivery January 2017


Les contreparties précédentes + Le jeu de carte du Medex
  • 3 backers
  • Estimated delivery January 2017


Les contreparties précédentes + Une photo au choix par AWB ou Jungleye en format A4
  • 1 backer
  • Estimated delivery January 2017


Les contreparties précédentes + Une illustration originale en format A4 ou une photo en format A3 par Medex/AWB/JungleEye Pour plus de choix:
  • 3 backers
  • Estimated delivery January 2017


Les contreparties précédentes + T-shirt sérigraphié d’un poème au choix (création originale ou sur le site du Medex)
  • 1 backer
  • Estimated delivery January 2017


Les contreparties précédentes + Le livre de l’expo des illustration et poèmes que nous éditerons dès notre retour de Katsikas
  • 2 backers
  • Estimated delivery January 2017


Les contreparties précédentes + Un dessin en format A1 + poème ou photo en format A3
  • 2 backers
  • Estimated delivery January 2017


Trois contreparties au choix + une exposition du Medex/AWB/Jungle Eye en Belgique ou en France (lieu à définir ensemble) à notre retour de Katsikas
  • Availability: 10/10
  • Estimated delivery March 2017


Trois contreparties au choix + Une fresque à l'intérieur ou à l'extérieur de votre maison
  • Availability: 10/10
  • Estimated delivery March 2017


Toutes les contreparties précédentes + Notre reconnaissance éternelle au-delà des sommets + possibilité de venir avec nous au camp de Katsikas ou d'envoyer quelqu'un d'autre
  • Availability: 3/3
  • Estimated delivery January 2017

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