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The upcoming 22 september set sails with me !

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Cross the Atlantic with Andrea

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The Challenge

The origin of the Minitransat race dates back in the 1970s, when a visionary english man named Bob Salomon invented a transatlantic regatta for those intrepid adventurers with a small budget but still willing to experience a real offshore competition.


Nowadays the race management has turned french, but the spirit remains the same: small boats, taste for adventure, and lots of sacrifice are the ingredients for this unique and thrilling transatlantic regatta which now starts from the Atlantic french town of La Rochelle and ends in Martinique, a beautiful Caribbean island.


Before reaching their final destination, the small racing boats enjoy a stopover of some weeks in the Canaries, thus splitting the race in two legs.


The Boat

The boats allowed to compete in the Minitransat race are called mini 6,50.

Mini 6.50s are extreme offshore racing machines: 6,50 meters long, 3 meters wide, lots of sail area and a single cabin offering a living space of 3-4 cubic meters.

These boats have no real kitchen, no real bed, no shower, no toilet and lack of any other confort on board. They are only built to go fast.



The Skipper

Sailing has always been in my life. For me it is not just a sport, or a leisure. It is part of what I am. Sailing also represents a challenge for me: everytime I sit on a boat I learn something new and that’s incredibly fascinating for me.

There are many other reasons I could tell to explain why I like to sail, but I think the best answer is that when I am out on the sea, I do really feel good about myself.


Why the Minitransat?

Sailing is such a broad sport and racing on a boat can have many different variations… I like racing around two buoys, but the vastness of the sea, the challenge that comes with being offshore for days, alone, facing the elements, the feeling you have when you understand how small you are compared to what surrounds you, this is what I am looking for. This this why I decided to take part to the Ministranstat race.

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Allocation of funds

Why do I need your help?

Participating in the Mini Transat is a beautiful but unfortunately very expensive project: sails, various equipment, boat preparation, logistics costs... nothing but bringing my boat back to Europe at the end of the regatta will cost me almost 6.000 €.

That's why I ask for your help!

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A place to assist to the start of the Mini Transat race the 22 september in La Rochelle + name on the boat + bracelet + signed picture
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