Au Pays des Fées

Making an art book about connecting to nature where dream and reality are one. Photographs & texts carrying freedom.

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Au Pays des Fées

Book photographs and writing will be translated in English version.


"Au Pays des Fées" takes us deep into the heart of winter, between dreams and reality to become one.

The book brings together my best photographs and a poetic writing to translate the intensity and poetry of the Wild and our own deep human nature. Sharing my immersions in nature to express this connection to the Wild, to freedom and to love.

I became a photographer-writer by exploring the wild nature and my own emotions, an experience that led me way beyond anything I could ever have imagined.

Twelve years ago, I left the system of the society as we know it to immerse myself for several months in a row in wild open spaces, in order to dream and breathe better, far away from established rules. In quest for freedom, connections and meaning.

The strong sense of wanting to live "by another way" more freedom, this change of life for a nomadic and free way of life has become a philosophy of life that will never leave me.

Alone in the Wild to cross and feel these experiments deep inside me, to undress noises, material, my past learning, to find the resonance to the world, to our origins.



An initiatory voyage that I want to share with you, through my books.

In this book "Au Pays des Fées", the photographs reveal the most beautiful scenes of light, through the landscapes and the meeting of the Elements during my winter immersions, in the Vosges mountains and in Norway when I lived on the edge of a frozen lake.

A philosophy of life that leads to another relation of time, to a reflection on freedom, love, our links.


In this alliance with the energies of nature, an instinctive breath has taken place ... An inspiration of the beauty of movements, angelic lights, harmonious forms. My photographs and my writing have become a breath that expires in symbiosis with this nature.

A door open to "another world" revealing landscapes that sometimes gracefulness the unreal.


All my photographs are made without retouching or special effects to reveal a nature that really exists and that can be magical without artifice to translate the magic of the authentic.
To achieve these images, it took nine years of work and immersion to contemplate nature to be present in those moments that transcend and share with you.

In this book will feature award-winning photographs in the most prestigious international competitions such as Bigpictures and GDT, Asferico ...

The writing of the book

Between dreams and realities ... poetic writing transports you to a dimension where time no longer exists to give space to the connection to nature, to freedom, to love.

Writing has become an increasingly important part of my work in recent years. It is part of my everyday life. She wears poetic, metaphorical, dream texts from the experiences of my own life.

In my two previous books "Le Vent des Rêves" and "Rencontre sous un ballet d'étoiles", the thread is woven through the connection to the Wild, a philosophical reflection of time, love, freedom, our links.
This new book "Au Pays des Fées" is part of this same continuity in a different environment, the world of winter.

Personal and intimate experiences, to dive into what appears to us deeper to open to questions and universal feelings.


Translation ... for the book to travel

The texts will be translated into English by the translator Iain James Marshall, Scottish musician and poet living in France, who translated the texts of my previous book "Le Vent des Rêves" (The Wind of Dreams) with the translator Cynthia Piaud.
Thus, the book can travel with me at conferences in Europe.

As my book "The Wind of Dreams", this translation will be next to French texts.

Book characteristics

Landscape format 24 x 30 cm

96 pages

62 photographs in three alternating formats.

Some photographs will also presented in landscape format (24x36 cm)

The book’s layout provides a clean, dynamic and original finish.

Printed on textured fine art paper to give life to the matter of winter - printed current 2018 - release of the book scheduled October 2018

Limited to 900 copies


The layout of book is already ready.

The photographs are already laid out and the written texts.

It remains to choose the textured art paper definitely depending on the budget and therefore the success of subscriptions.

The cover will be reworked these days because I want a refine, original, with a special texture and soft.

The project is waiting for you to born! ;)


To keep a freedom of choice and expression, I created my own publishing house "Editions l'Heure Bleue" in July 2016.
This book will be made in self-publishing. This remains in the lineage of my free-thinker approach.
This project is a human adventure because the realization of a book requires months of work, an alternation of solitary work and within a real team (reviewer, translator, printer, fabricator ...).


Creating such a high quality book requires an extensive budget.

Global budget for 900 copies: creation of graphic identity and layout, translation, photoengraving, printing: 10 400 €
As for my years of photographic work, writing and directing ... that will be for the rest of the sales.

I wanted to maintain a selling price accessible to all, it will be 39 €

Exhibitions and lecture

I carry this immersion process and transmit these experiences since 2009, through my exhibitions and conferences in European festivals.



From November 15 to 18, a new double exhibitions "Le Souffle" & "Au Pays des Fées" will be performed, to be presented at the International Festival of Montier-en-Der:

I will suggest you to interact with this exhibition by hanging your "reflections - definitions" on Freedom and Love. Express our life essentials to be able to discover them, to cross them, to unveil them ... and thus to understand what brings us together ... like an act of peace.


HELP to grow the project: If you work to culture service through a museum, a public place, a festival ... you can contact me directly to think together to set up an exhibition on your territory within your organization.

Allocation of funds

Your contributions will help support the making of this self-published book.

Buying this book by subscription will allow you to:
- to receive the book at home,
- to discover it in preview before its festival release this autumn.
- for this subscription only, the book will be an exhibition catalog format 21x30 cm, photo series on the Vosges mountains.

The first subscription level is € 9,000. Nine as nine years of this life in immersion and also to fix a first level "feasible", knowing that the "ideal bearing" would be the goal 2 is 13 000 €.


By your subscriptions you support my work of research, exploration, creation ... because for 10 years, I decided to dedicate my life to it.

Through these researches, these writings, I wish to share with you the fruit of these experiences which opens on feelings and universal reflections and help us to gather to grow and re-invent together ... a different way of life.

(* the objectives are indicated after deduction of the expenses related to crowdfunding (shipping costs, counterparts, Kiss Kiss Bank Bank platform)

Goal 1: Target € 9,000 = € 6,300 *
(deduction 8% kisskiss € 720 + 1500 € packaging and transport costs + 480 € cost of gifts)
Participation in the realization of the book up to 60%

Goal 2: € 13,000 = € 9,060 *
(deduction 8% kisskiss € 1,040 + € 2,200 packaging and transport costs + € 700 cost of gifts)
Participation in the realization of the book up to 90%

Goal 3: € 20,000 = € 14,050 *
(deduction 8% kisskiss € 1,600 + € 3,350 packaging and transport costs + € 1,000 cost of gifts)
Let's be even more crazy! :))
The book will exceed 900 copies and the book will more widely disseminate this connection to nature.
You will participate in the realization of the exhibition.
You will support the next big project that I will unveil to you during the campaign if we reach this stage.

THANK YOU to you ... through your subscriptions, you help me to remain a free writer, to continue being a "researcher" by exploring this way of life in immersion, to carry out the photographs and to continue this work of writing in order to to be able to share this experience and share our thoughts.

What if we dream together? ... if we reinvent a way of life in connection?

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The Kisskissbanbank project for my previous art book "The Wind of Dreams" ... had reached 178% ...

See you soon !

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Receipt of contributions

The reception of the book is scheduled for October 2018 (It will print current July-August ... then the time of shaping). However, if the book is ready earlier in September ... then you will receive it soone r;)

Exhibition Catalog *

You will be offered an exhibition catalog "Au Pays des Fées" or "L'Alliances des Energies" format 21x30 cm, photo series about the Vosges mountains ... The choice of the catalog will depend at the stock of each catalog during the time of sending.


Print picture format 20x30 cm: print on standard Fuji satin paper



The book "Rencontre sous un ballet d'étoiles" (value 17 €) - the texts only in French version

Art book "Le Vent des Rêves" (value 39 €) - the texts are in English and French version

Description of the books cited ... there:


IMPORTANT: Please send me a message with the title of the chosen photograph if you choice to a picture print format 20x30 cm.

You can see these larger images on my website:


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