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Tuesday, June 26, 2012
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Norway through us! We need your contribution to CYCLE Norway, from Oslo to the northernmost point of Europe, Nordkapp and to present the most spectacular places and all our trip in a documentary.

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Away to Norway

Norway through us means cycling in Norway for 4500 km, it means surviving 50 days of extreme conditions, it means filming all this adventure!  We will gather knowledge about the country, its culture, its people, its landscapes, its mysteries and its underground existence. We will make you live the Norwegian experience through our documentary!


The expedition is scheduled to start early-July and will end late-August 2012. We will start in Oslo and finish in Nordkapp. Our map contains the following cities: Bergen, Alesund, Molde, Tronhelm, Bodo, Tromso, Alta, Northkapp and Vardo. 




Traveling by bike, sleeping in a tent, eating from food supplies, living and filming the entire experience. 




The cycling team:



Lari Giorgescu


“I am an young and curious actor graduated from the University of Film and Theater of Bucharest (U.N.A.T.C.). I think we need to have the courage to fight for our ideas. Only by doing so, we become creative and we encourage creativity.”


Vlad Turturica 


“Even though I act foremost as a theater set designer, I consider myself more of a visual artist. As such, it is far easier for me to design a sketch, a drawing, a sculpture, a jacket or a pair of shoes, rather than to describe myself in simple words. Check our poster! ”

Allocation of funds

Up to this point, various companies and institutions have awarded us an approximate total of 9,000 €, in media (video cameras and accessories) and equipment (bikes, tent, sleeping bags, clothes), but we still need money for subsistence during 50 days. The daily cost of food is 30 € per person and it goes for:

- Canned food

- Packet soups

- Tea

- Vitamins

- Chocolate

- and all kinds of preserved food. 

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