Join in the production and promotion of my second album. I need your support and enthusiasm !

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After two years of great concerts and after the release of my first album " Guess" in 2013, I would like to involve you in the production and promotion of the second album. I need your support.   




It is done. For 2 years I work with American songwriters for my second album. I wanted it to be harder, more Country Rock, and especially that invites you to travel closer to the songs and music currently produced in Nashville, TN.


More than Rock Country Pop and sometimes more, I worked on beautiful ballads, which tell stories about beautiful melodies. Once again I wish to share with you and the widest possible audience, defending this universe on stage, live, because it is above all what I enjoy the most. I want to surprise you again and conquer the music with your Heart.




Today, I have to work arrangements and recording studio to finalize this second album. The sound that I want to happen involves investing time in the recording, working with the best, and therefore a significant cost. I am fortunate to be surrounded by a great team, authors, composers, musicians, technicians and managers. I still have a lot of work.


I also wish to ensure the best possible promotion for this second album, a major broadcasting device, with a concrete marketing plan.


The release of this album with songs 12/13 is programmed in December 2015.

Participate in this new adventure with me, spread the word , tell your friends . I need you, your support, your enthusiasm to reach the end and that this second album is a success for us all!



Barbara Thomas


Visit this page regularly : I will post news to keep you informed!

Allocation of funds

I need € 12,000 to fund the project


Concretely, it remains to fund all rights record instruments and voice. Then will come the necessary steps:

- Production : mixing, mastering, creating the cover and the booklet

- Promotion : to ensure the widest dissemination of the album, we must invest in promotion, advertising


Details of the budget :

- Rights, recording, mixing, mastering 12/13 songs : € 5,300

- Packaging : graphic book, duplication : € 1,200

- Promotion, marketing : € 3,300

- Private Concert - Show case : 2200 €


If you are using exceeds this goal, I will invest primarily in the production of a video clip.


Together we can give enough force to this album to make it happen.


We have 45 days to succeed. I need you!

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