A Pilgrimage to Beethoven - The five piano concertos

Support us in celebrating Beethovens' 250th anniversary with the live performance of his five piano concertos!

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A Pilgrimage to Beethoven - The five piano concertos

A Pilgrimage to Beethoven will celebrate Ludwig van Beethoven's 250th anniversary with the performance of his five piano concertos.

In this project, we aim to bring a unique listening experience to the public as we've scheduled to perform Vinzenz Lachner's arrangement of these works for piano and string quintet, thus in a more intimate chamber music setting. In addition to this, there are scheduled performances of the two-piano versions as well as the traditional orchestra with piano.

When & where?

We already have concerts scheduled in October, November, and December of 2020. They will take place in Brussels (Belgium) and Strasbourg (France).

Who are we?

We are five young pianists from around the globe, coming together from various backgrounds to perform these masterpieces and to pay homage to the universality of Beethoven's music: 

​Lenny Bui-Vandeput (Belgium), Márcio Reverbel (Brazil), Diego Saavedra (Peru), Vinicius Talhaferro Bota (Brazil) & Xinyi Zhang (China).

All of us have studied with Amy Lin, at the Conservatoire de Strasbourg, or with Jan Michiels, at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, linking the five of us to a tradition which descended six generations away from Beethoven (through Czerny, Leschetizky, Schnabel-Fleisher-Amy Lin, and Schnabel-Boon-Leygraf-Jan Michiels). 

Each one will perform one of Beethoven's piano concertos. Lachner's arrangement will be played together with Belgian-based group Sonos Ensemble.

Thank you for your support!


Allocation of funds

The initial goal of 3500€ will finance the main costs of a two-session performance of the 5 piano concertos with Sonos Ensemble: their fee, a live recording as well as administrative and marketing costs.



[Sonos Ensemble's fee: 1250€ per concert (250€ per musician)]

Sonos Ensemble's Fee for the complete cycle (2 concerts) - 2500€

Live Recording Fee - 500

8% Administrative Costs - 280€

Marketing Costs - 220€



TOTAL - 3500 euros


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