After releasing their single/clip "Burn It", Blooming Discord will be recording their 1st EP this summer. Take this step with us!

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Blooming Discord is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Marseille, inspired by the universe of Tim Burton as well as bands such as Avenged SevenfoldMetallica and Iron Maiden. We celebrate our 3 years of existence by releasing the single/clip "Burn It" that you already sing along to at each of our shows!



Entirely self-produced, this clip gives you a glimpse of what we want to achieve thanks to your unwavering support since our beginnings. The idea is to increasingly deploy our creativity through music, videos, visuals and an ever-improving show in terms of musical and stage performance, including decors and atmospheres, to bring out an astonishing audiovisual performance!




The band name comes from a paradox at the heart of the first record, which is a concept album. In a few words, the story we tell throughout the songs depicts a creature both frightening and fascinating, whose power of creation and destruction, of life and death, conceals the explanation to the post-cataclysmic state of the world in which the plot takes place. Such character embodies harmony in chaos, and the inextricable relationship between life and death: discordant bloom, or Blooming Discord.




The idea of the band goes back to late 2013, and its effective creation with the complete line-up to May 2014. We moved into our first rehearsal space in late 2014, and played our first show in October 2015 at La Rate Penade (Roquevaire, in the inlands of Marseille): things accelerated from that time on!






We are a regular heavy metal band of 5 with:


- a lead singer who focuses on his vocals and which parts alternate different types of clean and saturated vocals on a range and intentions as varied as possible,


- two guitarists that often use two-part harmonies, among them one lead guitarist who is particularly into convoluted and eccentric pieces, and one rhythm guitarist who gives special attention to details and provides almost all musical arrangements,


- a bass player who uses his very own influences to suggest unusual melodic lines for a band of our kind,


- a blacksmith-drummer, full of creativity whether for his drum parts or the atmosphere that we seek to immerse the band in, notably through stage costumes partly manufactured by him.


We are lucky to have a bass player who masters and composes on the piano, and a rhythm guitarist who originally is a violinist, which enables us to vary our ways of composing, considering music and enrich our songs, in order to actually tell a story through music and staging!




For those interested, you can check out our interview for Emergenza festival (French version only), a springboard during which your enthusiasm brought us all the way to the regional finals at Espace Julien (4 June 2016) where we ranked 3rd with the awards of best show and best guitarist!




You can also find us on our Facebook page, our YouTube channel and our Instagram account!




Here is an indicative calendar of our ambitions and achievements for the year to come:


-June 2017 = release of the single/clip "Burn It".


-August/September 2017 = studio recording of the 1st EP "Brambles and Bones" for a release during fall.


-Fall/Winter 2017/2018 = several shows in preparation, mainly in the Marseille area.


-First semester 2018 = studio recording of the 1st LP "Blooming Discord", which will include the songs of EP "Brambles and Bones" with the remaining album songs + surprise bonuses!


-Spring 2018 = objective mini-tour!

Allocation of funds

It is mostly thanks to your constant support since the beginning that we can allow ourselves to be ambitious: we want to sincerely thank you for that! Today with you and thanks to you, this is about taking a step as a music band, with the main objectives of such collection being:




1 - Fund the recording, production, printing and distribution of our 1st EP "Brambles and Bones" (1 week at the studio for 4 songs) = about 2,000 euros


2 - Make our show an actual audiovisual performance (equipment for lights, smoke, decors, sampling connectors) = about 1,500 euros


3 - Launch the production of Blooming Discord merchandising (t-shirts, keychains, lighters, stickers...) = about 1,500 euros


4 - Bank charges (3%) and KissKissBankBank fee (5%) = 440 euros



AS A BONUS (because this collection, ideally, will be useful in the long run: you sow your contribution now and reap the benefits for months if not years!):


5 - Fund the recording, production, printing and distribution of our 1st LP 'Blooming Discord" = about 4,000 euros


6 - Partially fund our future 2nd clip, more ambitious

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Observer Pack = EP "Brambles and Bones" + acknowledgment on the EP as contributor
  • 41 backers
  • Estimated delivery October 2017


Eager Spectator Pack = Observer Pack + Blooming Discord T-Shirt
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  • Estimated delivery October 2017


Mosher Pack = Eager Spectator Pack + Full Album "Blooming Discord" delivered first hand in Spring 2018.
  • 45 backers
  • Estimated delivery October 2017


Gold Pack = Mosher Pack + Scores/Tablatures of the album "Blooming Discord" delivered first hand in Spring 2018.
  • 16 backers
  • Estimated delivery October 2017


Kage Pack = Gold Pack + scenic elements of the vocalist (forged by the drummer, see picture)
  • Availability: 1/1
  • Estimated delivery October 2017

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Scavenger Pack = Gold Pack + scenic elements of the bass/keyboard player (see picture)
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Forge Pack = Gold Pack + scenic elements of the drummer (forged by himself, see picture)
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  • Estimated delivery October 2017